It wasn’t because I was low that I

bentoverheard hard to hear noise

knowing I’m a bit slow off the mark

on the ground and in the dark

(so why don’t you blow me –

a kiss – if you wish – cor blimey

and surprise me! with a slip of the tongue

sliding all round sloshilyunsexy sound

you and I mixing spit –

you’re never remiss

when taking the piss

or spreading the diss


Wot ev ah!

(smiling stranger)


Bi 4 now

(smiling a stranger smile)

Sell 2 l8r

(feeling grater than the Big Cheese

4 a while)

Sell 1 to Ann Elk and/

or sell 2 to one – Ann Ali Gader.

And let’s remember lest we forget

Hugh E Louis and

(Ralph Nader on)

the News but not the Weather?

Aren’t we all in this ship sinking

together? Deep ends.

Depends whether you

say it or spray it say

spray-spit 10 times real swift


ears wilt lips split

spill )spittle(a message

in a bottle

a landlocked astronaut

on auto-pilot

nought without the knot

slip(knot)of the tongue(pink)lots

of things to say

says the messenger

from babyblueoceanskies

compulsed to list to one

(test-inga 1-a-2-a-2-2-3-a-1!)


s l i d e

swipe in tent 2

(tent 1 was done)

wipe the mist of missed piss

he passed when he pissed

twist-ed and –ing in the fro

-zed and free–zing

into everdarken-ing door

step on stage at night

with stagefright

stage left

but stay right

fear was felt here

heard there

then and now

squirt susurrous

sand and the dirt

of the land

the smarmysounduvva

Han’s son flirt.


In flowery whimsical breezical dance

showery skirt nor shirt wasn’t keen

no underpants to be seen

not the colour of green

or thin or tin or tits or glitz

a V drip unclear

fanti-anti-sui-(de:) cide

unfancy pants in mode du jour

glassied eye neither begged or balled

2-left-feet unable to dance

thin hope of a fat chance

Good riddance!

sad Lee said
and everyone glanced




beetrooted redbooted

caught redhanded

left for dead and on show

let it be said

lest it be unso

spoke in the broken

heel of my hand

cartwheel of the bike

or pram or cart

tram or bus or sub

way to go to there

I want 3 when we



Fred was odd even to Steven

who believed in believin’ in his self

where his me was bein’

busted upon dusted down

off the shelf

keen on what we saw

having seen what we’d been seein’

see we’d thought we saw seaweed

either that or maybe kelp

calm and quietly non-a-yelp

free of the sin of theiving

steeling ourselves away at the bottom

end summer beginning autumn

leaving undercover in a wheely-bin

that’s really been it – a was – a has been

gone with a whelp incorrelkly spelt

I keep meaning to say

while preening to bray

I spy with 1 of my 2

– yeah, 2, aye!

eyes have it! but mam mock it

cuz ham hock it damn lock

locked in rocket

Pam holds palm open

hand out of pocket

whereupon keys appear

smaller than midgets

counting the numbers

the digits unlock it

passing the test – ticles

tickles my coccyx

prickles my cock – its

taken in good-humoured hand

stand-up-comic straightman

o man o boy big toy

trick or treat

the handful of meat

sweet feel of fingers

squeezing the joystick

thistime all’s well

as well as a swell


singing high-pitched


went switched a tad

being bad and bent

like a spoon in the pot

stirring the smelly brew

witch casting a spell

so no 1 can tell which

bitch of a witch is the best?


Ich im ein jelly donut –

itch that patch

scratch the longness

telling tales of the itch-ee

tail on a donkey

hair on a monkey

gray on a junkie

boozy floozy woozy

drooly jello-ee bellow-ee

squirting to high heavenly sent

heavily scented

gently spented

the glee and the gluey

gloopy flloopy

deputy doggawngawddang

droopy dog










2times or 3 or 4 or more?

I’ve even thought nought or 5-to-gether

weather allowing all owing

the coming and toing and 3ing and froing


growing seeds

seeds of love

sowing needs

kneads of knots

unthreading the sewing

loosening bruisening






If I shed you Haddock bute – if full


wood ewe holditagain?

understandoversit me down

simply plea Please hold my bod!

it’s old and cold

it’s bold and bald

once more

what for?

my re-a-sure-mint

of fresh breath when I grin

a good trooper


superman supersonic

make me a drink

a nice iced gin-n-tonic

served with a smiling wink!


© 2011 Wordwurst