June Long Weekend 023When unable to sleep, lying restless in night’s dark
fighting monster fears, mind turns to anagrams.
Words become my sword. I take a gander at the danger…
so, silent, I listen to the Freemason and one’s frame
The Master of the Stream, The One who praised despair

‘Fear me, son’, it said, implying Roman Fees for sane meJustice 017
this teacher is a cheater who will live evil and vile…
but sweat is just a waste of limes and miles of smile
that lead to where the devil lived.

In it’s liar lair, it throws parties where pirates traipse
dancing to a beta beat under part black tarp
eating pasta tapas and stressed desserts
drinking sinew wines with crooked penis spine
mating the ones they were taming

Monday Nr 4 Courts 010Human beings in shame begun
humans being banish me gun
and brain too, rain boot to abortion
in tones of stone notes the sniper ripens
amps spam maps, flier filer and rifle lifer

Weird and wired, Satan sips Santa piss
before its Reward draweR scented descent
beneath flesh shelf – taste Etta’s teats
this shit hits leaving ragged dagger wound in keen knee
shit head survives until his death arrives
then eyeball peels and I call sleep.Monday Nr 4 Courts 034

© 2013 WW