the teacher who won’t learn what he teaches
the preacher who doesn’t practice what he preaches
the authority figure who demands to be respected
the inspector who refuses to be inspected

the person who asks you not to ask questions
the close-minded friend shut off to suggestions
the self-proclaimed victim in search of sympathy
the dangerous ones who are strangers to empathy


the gossips who talk behind your back
the ones quick to point out all that you lack
the boss who pays you less than you’re worth
the lover who promises to give you the earth

the writer who tells stories but never writes
the voter persuaded by empty sound-bytes
the woman who always has to be in control
the holy man who wants to save your soul


the argumentative type who won’t be debated
the tax collector who fingers what he’s confiscated
the salesman who offers you guarantees
the priest who wants you to get on your knees

the brother who pretends it’s his wife’s decision
the surgeon who cuts without precision
the gambler who’s afraid to roll the dice
the poet who offers dubious advice!