When everybody wants to be your lover
but nobody wants to be your friend
go incognito and stay undercover
waiting for tried patients to mend

When all want to know your private business
but none care to see who you are inside
you stand by silently and bear witness
to the stitches that leave scars on your hide

When the somebody’s no longer know you
and the anybody’s call you by your first name
you forget what you thought you once knew
but you can never remember who’s to blame

When anybody else you would prefer to be
and this body is skin you’d kill to shed
to be free of the cage requires a key
the one locked deep inside of your head

As everyone fades the falling snow melts
looking hard at yourself… you don’t recognise
it isn’t you – you became somebody else
lost in this place where strange truth lies

– Copyright Dec 2015 ORP