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MLK: Republican?


RUDE WEAPON I won’t blame you for behaving like a typical Republican’t – making dubious claims you cannot back up and hope will not be challenged. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you reposted this poster without realizing…

As the leader of the SCLC, King maintained a policy of not publicly endorsing a U.S. political party or candidate: “I feel someone must remain in the position of non-alignment, so that he can look objectively at both parties and be the conscience of both—not the servant or master of either.”[31]

In a 1958 interview, he expressed his view that neither party was perfect, saying, “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”[32]
DICK CRAWLER Must I respond here? gezzz. King was a conservative republican who endorsed Richard Nixon. He also was a follower of Christ to which I know your atheist. Most African Americans were republican before as democrats were fighting against them through legislation
RUDE Get my facts straight? Go look up an encyclopaedia, Dick!
DICK Don’t have to, assuming you do. I was alive in the south and lived through it. Remember well. Rude, why would it matter what party he belonged to, they both suck!
RUDE Sorry, Dick. You’ve got your facts wrong. You do need to check out an encyclopedia and stop relying on wishful thinking. And if you think Obama sucks the same as Romney, perhaps you might develop the ability to discern better.
DICK Rude, your boring me. Still the same angry misinformed indoctrinated liberal I see…..Thanks for the advice on discernment, your a hoot!
RUDE Oh, Dick, calm down. You are such a Republican’t – what with your constant usage of their tactics. Namely, accuse the other of what you are guilty of! But you’re okay… underneath it all 😉 Now, let’s get back on track. You say King was a Republican. King says he was not…

As the leader of the SCLC, King maintained a policy of not publicly endorsing a U.S. political party or candidate: “I feel someone must remain in the position of non-alignment, so that he can look objectively at both parties and be the conscience of both—not the servant or master of either.”[31]

In a 1958 interview, he expressed his view that neither party was perfect, saying, “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”[32]
Who are you proposing I believe?
DICK disagree with the article you just printed here. King also supported Johnson, a democrat. Have a good day…
RUDE You said King was a Republican. He says quite clearly he was not. Who are you suggesting I believe, Dick?
DICK There is such a thing as bipartisan, Rude. Also parties can change as do some change their political affiliation.
RUDE Dick, I know that, but that’s not the question. This see-through diversion tactic won’t work either. Why not shit or get off the pot: who do I believe, you or King?
DICK I believe YOU believe anything that supports your liberal agenda…
RUDE I rest my case! You should change your name to Hoots ‘R Us!
DICK I rest my case…Have I mentioned you are boring the hell outta me?
RUDE Don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed that you will do anything not to answer the question. But then again, I don’t know too many conservative Rebuplican’t types who do. I guess, sadly, like Romney, you think that repeating the lie will convince everyone in time. It won’t.
DICK Obviously, this is over your head….see through diversion tactic? ha
RUDE Just do the right thing and answer the question, Dick. Who should I believe, eh?
DICK I’ve answered your question, you simply don’t get it and I’m not gonna repeat it… What should you believe? Anything your told by your media liberal heads Rude…
RUDE No, you haven’t. Had you, I wouldn’t be asking over and over. All you’ve got to do is write Dick or King. I can’t simplify it for you any more than that, Dick. While you’re trying to figure out the last instruction, here’s another one for you to not answer: Where do you get your information?
WILLY My question is this,… what the Hell is a punk who never voted in an American election doing trying to tell someone who lives here what is going on and who is the better candidate for this country?… Rude, last time I saw you,… you were running your mouth about something you were clueless about also… LOL…
DICK Instruction? Lol Yes Willy, he was hating on Jesus but doesn’t believe in him…
WILLY where does your skewed info come from Rude?… LOL… some second hand shit that is filtered by your leftist feeders? Typical lefter atheist… clueless… King was a communist sympathizer, and he was not the man many think… FBI tapes reveal that he was not the ‘saint’ that many thought he was
RUDE Willy, I thought this couldn’t get any stoooopider. I admit to being wrong. Yeah, I remember you, Willy, the repressed homosexual guy who lives a deluded life filled with gawd, guns and gays in the closet. Last time you attempted to communicate with me, you ran away sulking like a little girl who’s just had her pigtail pulled. Dick, your mask has slipped for the last time. Why don’t you go fuck yourself in the big fat hole you’ve got in your big fat stupid head? 😉

I’ve dropped to your level now guys, is this working for ya?

DICK Thanks Rude, I just exposed your stupid ass!
WILLY Ah,….Rude, your projection of the gay boy… is still funny to me, since you think it bothers me that you can’t do anything but name call…LMAO it’s obvious to any who see your photo and page who is the little sissy and can’t handle a woman
RUDE Another pathetic Republicunt tactic badly applied: saying what the other guy said. Get your own ideas, guys, will ya? Think for yourself. Oh, yeah, sorry. You can’t – you’re bible-bashing Republican’ts. Condolences 😦
WILLY LOL… Rude, when YOU ran off last time with your little wick tucked between your legs, I remember you going home to whine about the Brits and how they busted your bubble… LMAO You are the king of projecting your perverted lifestyle on everyone elce to try and hide your own perversion and sick life… LOL
RUDE Oh, the sissy boy is back looking for more trouble and trying in vain to convince anyone who’ll listen that he isn’t an in-denial homosexual. Can’t do anything but call names, eh? You came on here, sticking your turned up nose without invitation into a ‘conversation’ between Dick and I, calling me a punk! Let me guess, Willy, you’re a Republicunt, too?

PAP Well.. I guess the election polls are starting to get under some folks’ skins over here? 😉
RUDE You really can’t read, can you, Willy? I just exposed you charlatans for this ‘saying what the other guy said’ GOP tactic! You are such an asshat! Pap, you couldn’t be any more right! I am a US citizen… but I live in Ireland!
DICK expose? Using my tactics, Rude?
WILLY Funny thing Rude,… If your little wimpy ass was here, you would do just like your doing right now…. whine and then rush for some other little boy to hide you…LOL and yep your a name caller and can’t do anything but that… I would put my list of women up against yours any day any time son and I’m thinking yours would be all little whiney boys like you
RUDE Listen guys – if you ain’t gonna answer the simple question, I’m outta here. I know you like going around in circles, sniffing your own butts, but I have better things to do. So, go back to blowing each other and I’ll catcyalllater! X
WILLY Go run away Rude,… you got your answer,… and you started with the gay boy deflection… LOL
After having been defriended by Dick, Rude privately messaged him:
RUDE: Thought you’d take this action. Dick. After being exposed online last night, I can’t blame you. I won’t ‘friend’ you again because, even though I’ve given it a chance over and over, people like you do not have the main thing I look for in a friend: honesty in communication. You were asked repeatedly a simple question. The poster you posted claimed King to be a Republican. I quoted King for you saying he wasn’t and asked who should I believe, you or King. Well, as you know you slid and slipped and squirmed like a slimy snake, trying to misdirect, divert, obfuscate and redirect attention – anything except answer the question honestly. That was one time too many for me, Dick. We are cut from a different cloth. I care about what is true. You care about what you believe. You see the problem? Good luck with your restaurant and drumming! Ciao O 😉
Dick’s response: You accomplished nothing other than the fact of which you are RUDE! If you actually think I was squirming etc. your even a bigger fool than I thought. I answered it, your to shallow to get it. I deleted you because your obnoxious… and posted a link to my page from yours. How pathetic. Get a life dude!
Rude’s reply: No, you did not answer it – and saying that you did over and over will not work. Say either King or Don. That’s how you answer it. I’m a fool and obnoxious? Really? Talk about the pot calling the toaster black. You are a complete deluded nutjob. Either that or you really are mentally retarded. Either that or all the drugs and banging of the drums and noise over the years have caused you brain damage. I posted a link to your page so people could see the poster that wrongly claimed King to be a Republican so they could read the comments and have a good old laugh at some hillbilly redneck gawd-fearing nigger-hatin’ homophobic repressed homosexual gun-lovin’ republicunt fuctards tryna take on a free-thinkin’ apolitical enlightened humanist and laugh their asses off! The fact that you are motivated to defriend me over it and not laugh about it too only goes to show that you are what I secretly thought but hoped you were not. Gave you every chance to redeem yourself and behave with a little honesty but you fucked up. Didn’t wanna be like a christyun and judge you prematurely so I decided to find out for sure. Therefore, I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. If you’re right about gawd (and you are certainly not) I’ll see you in hell dude! You are a sad, brain-addled old man who thinks assclowns like Willy are his friends. That mother would betray you for a fumble with a schoolboy. I think it is you, Dick, who should get a REAL life – and, if you can, get a new brain. I hear the Wizard of Oz might be able to help you out! 😉 O

The Bible Says…

‎”Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou hast covered all their sin.” Selah. Psalm 85:2

Dear Flock Member,

Covered their sins – with what? Covered them up?

Consider the mess the church is in today – all the decades of hushed-up child-abuse growing more audible.

Cover-ups eventually become discovered and uncovered.

Each human being is responsible for his/her own crimes and misdemeanours: nobody can be any one else’s scapegoat. It is a flawed notion, immoral, and accomplishes nothing of true value.

As more people become aware of this fact, the less people there’ll be blindly caged in the dark and disturbing cult called Christianity where the fear of ‘not being good enough for god’ is all consuming… like the ‘hell’ that is promised for those who fail to achieve ‘salvation’.

Salvation? From what? Our own superstition and stupidity? Our own bigoted beliefs and bad behaviour?

 There’s only one place you can go to get that kind of salvation – and that place is YOU. You will understand this when you grow out of childhood fantasies and face the reality of this material world – this one world and one life.

As the coach said to the team, ‘This is not a rehearsal – this is it!’

But what are Christians expected to do? Distract themselves and others from realising this wonderfully liberating fact: This is it! How? By diverting attention and focusing desires on feelgood fables and the false promise of an infinite future spent frolicking on fluffy clouds with friends and family – and the ‘father’ – in a happily-ever-afterlife of neverending adoration, praise and worship! When you slow down and think it through, you may find that this sugar-coated, air-brushed dream is really a nightmare you’ll soon be hoping to awaken from.

You want GOOD NEWS? Only you can save yourself. And, when you do, only you can take credit for it. If you fail, you must take credit for that also.

After you save yourself… then, if you feel so inclined, see if you can be of use to others by helping them save themselves, too!

Don’t worry: if it turns out that there really is a loving, all powerful, all merciful, omnific god, there’s no doubt that he’ll be more than satisfied with that. And if not, to hell with him! :0)

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