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Once upon a deep blue day –
a day much closer than far away –
the moon to the sky did get stuck
and yellow sun stopped coming up


This pale blue dot stood still in space
and refused to turn the human race
sickened by their waste and greed
and how they cause everything to bleed


Without rain the rivers ran bone dry
stars burnt out in the darkening sky
without the sun there was no more heat
and soon there was nothing left to eat


Every son turned against his mother
each sister was suspicious of her brother
and for himself it was every man
in a fingersnap the killing began


The whole world was turned inside out
all certainty gave way to doubt
pitch darkness struck everyone blind
without the light humans lost their mind


As the truth devolved into lies
people evolved their disguise
overwhelmed under crushing weight
love was buried beneath hate


When madness ceased and man was history
the earth revealed its deepest mystery
it never mattered what was right
then it dropped

down and out

of sight


floating along on surface
moving through Saturday city
looking around at all the sights
soaking everything up
feet on automatic pilot
leaving prints on pavement
sneaking skimming stones
treading watery grave

keeping wits about me
smiling beneath shining sun
foot-loose and fancy free
keeping it real having fun
on the level above board
on the up and up
straighter than an arrow
or as a die that’s been tossed
but has not yet landed
destination undecided

alive with possibility
free to go where I please
ready to take an opportunity
when it crosses my path
until now doing the math
had no purpose
nothing I had to do or have
freed me up to be me
I could take in a show
or go see the circus
daydreaming the day
I had dreamed

shoved out of way
by some guy out of blue
knocked sideways on sidewalk
equilibrium interrupted
unable to talk
feet falling over themselves
gaze dropping like litter to ground
snagged by crack in path
taking hold of attention
refusing to let go

unable to stop
I step right into it
right foot first followed by left

and then that’s when everything shifts

life falling below (in)to a



new level

where it’s beginning to add up

to nothing makes sense
and nobody knows you from Adam
and you can’t sit on a fence
and there’s no place like home

they they want to know my business
but refuse to get to know me
and when asked to explain
no one ever answers straight
twisted tongues tying disappointments’
loose ends pointing in all directions
to bottomless list of questions

why is nobody trying to help stop
crack in sidewalk swallowing me into black
just like me fancy-loose and foot-free looking
all about them but never below their own feet
most didn’t see me disappearing underground

the few that did witness didn’t want to get involved
floating along surface feet on automatic-pilot
keeping chins up and wits about them
following the crowd leaving me to be slowly eaten

slo-mo sinking into crack on busy sidewalk
sucked into a world filled with sneakers running
by its own set of rules and those I once knew
down here no longer have traction

losing all grip I start slipping
subtraction inch by inch in an instant I disappear


fraction by fraction I realise everything
is different to all I thought I’d known before
and the understanding that the nature of the game
pot me will not be revealed I suddenly insanely see
nothing much has changed everything’s the same


Blue sky suddenly turns gun-metal gray. Hair on nape stands up and takes a bow. A spray of sidewaysBranches 006 snow-bullets shoot indiscriminately at pedestrians, punching them into shocked shapes twisting in wind wildly whipping wet hats from heads ripping back. Bulging eyes blazing like hazard lights.

Umbrellas’ blackslick bat-like skin stripping itself away from exoskeleton, flapping it’s damaged wings in all directions. Slapping around broken metal bones convulsively contorting final death throes. Defeated by a bad attack of cruel weather.

Now the day had arrived it was no surprise. This umbrella has seen so many of its kind end up spent – dead blackbirds jerking in gutter.

In a doorway corner a man is beaten by rain. Sinewy stiff and bendable as a hanger. Shutting down in a way not mendable while wondering why nothing’s ever dependable. Except for change – you can rely on that. Only on change can you realistically count.


Can’t trust weather predictions – just toss a coin. Can’t trust politicians promises – they’re just white noise. Can’t trust the cops – we’re all under surveillance. Beneath unlawful practices and all pervading illegal prevalence swapping freedom for security. It jangles your nerves out of autonomic abeyance.

You sit on a fence and try to make sense from it, out of steady stream of consciousness flowing. Looping Blood Stoney Road 033back and forth between you and the other. Footprints in mud spell out what looks to be trooping near babies nursery are in a cryptic grouping. Huddling together to protect against weather. Muddling through like an actor without a director.

An inspection was needed but where’s the inspector? He has a plate in his skull so let’s get a metal detector. If he needs a wig just give a call to Phil Spector. Wigs of all shapes and colors, each one resplendent.

He knows about renting having once been a tenant.

– April 2014 ORP

Nocturnal ink flows
above bed under sheets
in between wrong and right
rolling down burning red cheeks
wet strings drooling soaking pillows
windows sweating slow condensation
droplets sliding down like sad starlets
speeding up in their descendency
into swelling pool’s dark depths
words above remaining dry
bed going up in flames
choking… as I sink

Clarence Returns 047



Forsaking the place I called home
I’m taking a break from this world
Leaving behind only this poem
I’m breaking the heart of my girl

Having run clean out of luck
I’m going away on a trip
Down to my very last buck
I’m stowing away on a ship

Driven mad by accusing voices
I’m leaving the noise far behind
Abandoned by options and choices
I’m grieving the loss of my mind


Unable to play the crooked game
I’m getting out of this criminal town
With only myself left to blame
i’m laying all of my weapons down

Mouth shut and eyes open wide
I’m facing into obscurity
Letting go the last of my pride
I’m embracing cold insecurity

© 2014 OMTRINITY 015


Branches 006

It feels as though I have been cursed
with bad karma following me around.
And yet to come will be the worst
before I’m buried in the cold ground.
Branches 009
I fear I can’t hold on much longer
as bad things happen every day.
This killing thing don’t make me stronger
and nothing good ever goes my way.

Branches 012

Each sharp blow another coffin nail:
I used to win but now only lose.
Each plan I make is doomed to fail…
unable to sing I whistle the blues.
Branches 004
Shit keeps hitting this failing fan
now that I’ve run clean out of luck.
Good fortune’s covered by a ban
and I no longer give a fuck!

© 2014 OM


NY Lol 017Poking in pockets for coins to purchase one-way ticket
H feels like he imagines how the proverbial stranger
in the strange land might have felt before disappearing
without trace. And being a stranger, he would also disappear
without notice. He hadn’t given any and none would be taken.
Strange, he thinks, hadn’t he always felt this way? Clarence Returns 029

This place had never felt like home, just another space in which he didn’t belong. The fit was wrong. Now that he had decided to leave it really made no difference. This intensely lonely feeling would soon be gone..
if he could only hold his hand steady enough to operate
this ticket-vending touch-screen menu before him.

photo (1)
Frozen fingertip taps machine’s scratched screen as he raises
his other hand to mouth where tear-stained palm stifles sad laughMalahide 035
covers bad cough. Strange, he thinks again, abstractly
on machine to sum everything up before indelibly
printing ticket to final destination) about time
and how it slows down
as approaching train
draws closer.

Mr Blue Sky 005Journey’s cost totaled, H stoops for ticket, focusing in  on black period at end of line. Full stop. Clanking change falls splashed down like rain. Wind’s icy spear pierces flesh of face, burrows into bone marrow. Numbing. A sudden blast of wind takes advantage of the opening at back of shirt collar and what feels like a bucket of ice cubes envelopes his torso. Should have hitched a lift? He sighs shaking head, but
it’s a bad night
to be thumbing.

Train slows to a stop and green doors’ wide arms slide open. H is carried by pushy mob hurriedly piling in all spooked and unstoppable unyielding to oppositely directed passengers wanting to get out. Inside is bright and suffused with a fetid steaminess. If he were to somehow manage to get rid of it, he wonders absently, could it rightly be said that the nauseating stink had been defetid?
Sad laugh returns for a moment, evaporates
with the closing of (9)
Everyone is looking every which way – through slippery windows, down
at littered ground, at their too long fingernails… anywhere except
into the face of another. People these days go to great lengths
to avoid eye-contact. It lets them keep pretending to the ones
they are pretending are not there that they are the only one here,
invisible and somehow sorry – to whoever may happen to notice –
simply for being, taking up space… wanting to be right in being left out.
Refusing to belong, they say they have to go. And when asked,
promise not to be long.

Clarence Returns 020Light as an autumn leaf, H falls into warm seat on Jerry-Lee’s Green Line
travelling east to see a god about a man. Going all the way today.
To the end of the line. Full stop. Determinal in his destin(y)ation
was the Point. Why? Had to be the Point. What’s the Point?
A small area at end of the Docklands famous for theatre of same name…
but that’s not important right now. He sees no point in calling it by another, and fails to do so.

Sunny Summer Evening 006


Anyway, it’s a short walk from there to the sea. You can see the candy cane twin towers of the Poolbeg Chimneys on a clear day. Getting there… that’s the point of this journey…

Pole Thiker 019

which is stranger than this town… because…
there is no longer any point.
You’ve got a point there!

H had heard the rumors that he had lost the plot. Well, that isn’t really too far off the mark, but more accurate to claim he was lost in the plot. A plot that dissolved as it thickened. For the last three days he’s been drowning in inky black ocean of subtext, ankles tangled in seaweed tendrils pulling
him under, pushing him to belong. But he’snot afraid of the water. We’re like old friends.
As in the beginning 
so to in the end. Simday Sept 231
Full stop

As above, so below.
A little round black dot… as lost as a piece of coal
in a field blanketed with snow.

Bemused and curious, he turns head left and gazes
at blurry reflection in window. A hollow man. A stranger unto himself. A hologram. Lightning strikes furious blows, bowing in the expectancy of approbation – way back off in the distance deep in back of mind, up in the balcony where mirror is hidden – is met almost immediately with thunderous approving applause. Beneath his breath, like life under death, H begins to whisper forbidden last train of thoughts to the face fading into transparency right before his eyes.

Clarence Returns 047It started soon as you were born: innocent victim of belligerent crime… big enough to be punished for.
And, you wonder, by whom? The Narrator, Orator, Creator? Makes no difference what you call it.
It comes to lower the boom whether you call it or not…
for the sins of father, the stupidity of mother…
Reaper’s bony knuckles rapping on door.
To collect debt owed. The inescapable consequence
of the seed they sewed.

Luas comes to halt beside tall stone wall. H isn’t sure wherephoto (7)
they are anymore and stops craning neck trying to find out.
Draped by a sudden paralysis stiffer and heavier than
a Store Street cell blanket he feels raw-like half-digested meat
after going a bloody round with the World. Heavy Weight
of Mastication. A shadow passes over his face (mouth shuts)
causing grave expression to hover above features.
He is a slave to each wave of peristalsis pushing him down
snakelike swallowed backwards, intestines (guts) pulling
Nov Weekend 001onward to final (de)st(in)ation when trip’s over
vanishing into another beginning –
full circle –
where loosened grip uncoils
from Time’s twisted tapeworm shadow.
An abrupt lurch gives way
to forward motion.

Seeing is not believing… isn’t that what they said with closed eyes
using words like brushes painting vivid pictures on wall of mind’s eye
where bright white light is imagined in a warm, spacious room…
not the slightest hint of gloom…

H looks into crowd when disturbed by soundMiley and Miley 045
reminding him of a preacher. Preaching
through tines of forked-tongue delivering
mixed messages into back of schoolboy’s head,
speaking words that can’t or won’t or should not be understood. H manages…
manages to drown.
the noise out by counting glittering stars
littering abandoned playground lost in murky black puddle.

Your resistance weakened by too much drinking, you failed, ran out of persistence, gave into their insistence and got impaled on the pointlessness of deluded thinking. Trapped and stuck in place. Your heart was in the right place, but your head was in a mess. Instead of leaving behind in the distance all the blind believing,
all the self-deceiving, you let yourself fall
under their spell… and you fell back on faith.

Christians 022And what did you find? Not a thing.
No thing. Nothing. Not a shred of joy or peace of mind.
Indeed, that is what you lost. If only you’d understood the difference between sticker price and the overall cost.

Holding tattered Metro like dirty rag – wrinkled and used – a pair of hands come into focus. Looking away to his right, H catches sight of an old dear who appears to be hiding beneath a floral patterned scarf, nose picking bony finger pointing his attention away. Gaze drops
to soaking floor where there’s nothing but door to door shoes.
He notes this old one’s feet wear funny footwear, the kind$cientology 002
sold in a Chemist’s shop on the wrong side of town, down
beyond the tracks where trains like rain never stop until
summer smiles start spinning in time with the Ferris Wheel
that came and went.
Full circle.
A sneak peak shows dim lights back of her eyes twinkling:
slip-sliding into a memory… a memory of a time…
a time she’d been happy… and for a fleeting moment she is…
dreaming… content in the now of not being here.

Spire in the SkyBelieving is seeing, they said… promising you’d be perceiving reason or it would see you in the appropriate season and your harvest of pictures would actually bloom, the main attraction was always coming soon.

And when you realised they meant it hypothetically and not matter-of-factually, a crushing weight sealed your fate and delivered you into a pitch dark tomb reeking rich doom, you lay quiet and still beneath Potter’s Field. Squashed flatter than Wile E Coyote underneath Acme anvil…
hyperbolically speaking.

Stuttering towards town’s dirty bowels, passing row after rowPole Thiker 007
of dead dull facades, H wonders which of the passengers
are looking for love in the heart of the city’s bottomless pit.
Bright lights flash like a ready-for- business casino where they
will step-right-up placing bets against long odds. Just as long
as what they win pays to get them out of their heads for
the night so they can more easily act as though they find funny
the joke that’s on them.
They laugh in the face of its humourlessness, scream
when it swallows them whole. crying like babies after
being spit out to go back and shout loud in the flowing crowd
they hope they can still swim in.

Monday Nr 4 Courts 011These passengers…
the expressions on their faces…
bring to mind haunted bells ringing
hollow and true… at the same time…
knackered and undaunted.
If they cancelled each other out, there would be no sound. And this… perhaps… is why we never hear them no matter how loud they shout.
They are as empty as a cup cracked, stained with cheap altar wine – a tired tumbleweed blown away into dust
dried up body of Christ
from deadwood
cross beams

Under scrutiny-eyes you got caught. Caught and told. Told to utilise all resources available, maximise learning – reading and courses and tapes. Getting coached and moulded and trained. Believing you were unassailable
you opened up and made yourself available. You were bought. Bought and sold. Sold on a waving sail flapping in wicked wind like a post-it note reminder that makes you forget. Accentuate the positive
eliminate the negative. Take hold of your brain and wash it clean.$cientology 082
Make sure it’s disinfected and not confounded by unfounded doubts
or over-tasked with unasked for suggestions, stupid questions
unuseful attitudes. You were promised they’d all be rejected after
the confessing… that you’d receive the blessing of unbounded beatitudes.
If only you’d gotten a check up from the neck up when you still
had the chance! Spare me your platitudes, if you don’t mind.
I didn’t spare you any but I do see how it would be possible for you
to think so. I just said something off the top of my head –
something so obvious it literally goes without saying, that when
the time was right for you to get your head seen to
you didn’t take the opportunity.

$cientology 061It’s Paddy’s Day and the whole world is celebrating the legend of a saint.
Those wanting to be part of the scene have worn something green.
Patrick allegedly rid this Isle of snakes, but like everything else on the face of this land in the cold artificial light of night, that view does not make sense since there were never snakes
to be driven away. But this fact –
about a Christian character
who performed a meaningless act –
fails to make any difference.
Truth overwhelmed by tradition. Suppression by superstition.
We toe the lie without thinking for no good reason, with the exception
of course, of drinking.
Ah, sure, any excuse will do
to go downtown and drown
in another session.

Death is the ultimate personal banker,
H tells his reflection then winks as if it’s a joke. 705010_10151558659182222_1723330662_o
The high priest of punitive payment –
a legitimate but pervy old wanker. NY Lol 057
Your first and last accountant –
he waves a scythe disguised as a sceptre –
he inspector of your suspect books
you thought of as a transparent broth
stirred together by too many cooks,
unaware you hadn’t a prayer when
it turned out the murky soup was brewed
by a bunch of Celtic Tiger crooks, each one
as mean and bad as Liberty Valance,
but not nearly as clever as those in the Vatican.
And after the adding and subtracting of sums
to see if the figures actually balance,
your soul will begin its slide down
into bottomless slums. 

You kick yourself for crossing the lines. Not heeding drums of warning signs that beat lowly before you slowly die… at first, inside…

June 29 2012 011

Lost in dreams, H only vaguely senses train moving slower. Overhead is heard a discomfiting sound:
a distorted pre-recorded female voice, posh as a nun from D4, knees on floor pleasantly praying
(or is that presently playing?) saying for Abbey Street alight at next stop.

AIB Homeless 026
Beginning to brake, he comes fully awake, dropping gaze lower and sitting up straight. Eyes fall
on face of a young man with waxy skin, sporting menacing grin, swaying by doors and
swigging the black stuff from can of thin tin with widget that gives thick head, burping
while slurping it down in the manner of a patient taking medicine. The jaundiced youth
scratches Lotto cards between mouthfuls of stout, sideways sloping, searching for pot of gold,
ready for ghost ship to come in, begging under breath in monotone ramble, asking god to throw
some good luck his way, even though he undoubtedly knows that to gamble is a sin,
and seems in no mood for giving a fuck.

Teddy 002The pile of wasted cards surrounding his surprisingly pristine trainers
speak of the fact that Lady Luck stood him up and Dame Fortune let him down. Just another pair of missing persons that may as well be relegated to images on flyers adhered to lampposts: a pair of talismans no longer at hand, taken by the land beneath the rain,
fading into the mists of time
like old photographs
collecting dust.

Illusions 092But that’s just wishing in vain… may as well be gone fishing in rain… if only you’d made different choices and hadn’t listened to the voices that spoke in your head and said over and over to your self be true…
remain a free agent, do your work free lance,
avoid sinking by learning to swim, shun evil and strive for purity, stay on the path and don’t
take a chance. But you gambled your stock on a whim, trading freedom for the illusion of

Stuck at red light, H surveys variegated passengers.May Long Weekend 204
At a glance he estimates most are from abroad, and
thinks about how we once called them foreigners…
and how that’s been changed… to lessen the risk of
causing offence. As to a rough breakdown he hazards
a guess. The Genuine Dubliners are about 25%,
more or less. The rest of the Irish (who live here
all year) are around a half of that. Resident Non-
Nationals make up half at best, so that means
the Tourists make up the rest.

WatercolorEach of them claims to have Irish inside as they wink
with a sense of pride and belonging. More ingredients
in the melting pot of simmering Irish stew. Some think
of it as their original home. He’s not sure as he stares
on in silence, who the real Irish are anymore. The
natives, like a hanging hem on a dress, are the ones
that look out of place.
It’s getting harder to
say who is us and
who is them.

Once Captain of your own dinghy, though weathered and battered and badly leaking, you were sadly flattered when asked to join another man’s yacht,

and stupidly thought that was all that mattered. In the sails tightly caught you were rightly sold and bought in the sales even faster. Felt out of place, out of time in a kind of space oddity standing under
the authority of your new master. You were not an indispensable commodity, you too late realised
and your despising, upon further conceptualising crystallised into a rock of hate.

Castlecomer (33)

Worse than fingernails scratching a blackboard, a screeching sound –
from a Sheriff Street girl  – elicits a wince from H. She’s clutching an iPhone in the claw of her hand, fake nails painted in luminous shades, glossed lips foaming as orange face goes scarlet. Her appearance is blinging, like the ringing of her mobile, tinny and cheap. The sound reminds H of a cracked cash register in a 2 Euro store lit up like a juke box and loud with muzak. The junk they sell is a pox on the earth, not a single item worth the sticker price… but it’s cheaper than Guineys, who display poorly Thurs Night July 2012 002hand written signs unaware of spelling or punctuation
(a gesture no longer valued by customers) with messages simple and blunt. Thinking the word ‘cunt’,
H takes another look only to find her expression as vacant as the rooms in Wynn’s Hotel.

She eyes the seat beside him that’s just become free and as she draws closer, he smells the fragrant scent of a bitch in heat. He hopes in vain she’ll cross her legs and dispel the ripe and flagrant odor left by the last dog she was with – no doubt one of the homeless, maybe a vagrant or squatter. One thing was for sure: she was somebody’s whore. Anyone’s for money, no longer her mother’s daughter, brother’s token pet slave,
father’s unspoken dirty secret, boyfriend’s broken
punchbag ragdoll… Freedom July 2012 117 each one no doubt, had pushed her into her fall from grace and over the edge down a darkening road where crimes are best left unspoken.
Cheated out of her portion of nurture, the fact she had no future was written all over her face.
She had nothing but a past too tired to remember.
For people like her, getting a job only meant getting fired and making plans was for the birds. The bad side
of nature had rewired her brain and stitched up her wounds with a dis-solvable suture deadening the pain and hunger, leaning her(o)in contrad(icting)irections that always lead her standing with stiff upper lip cold and shivering down some back blind alley, earning 5 for a job
handy and quick fingertips dancing for erection’s relief while imagining the warmth of a brandy in a pub
she hadn’t yet been barred from.

Sean O'Casey PubThere is only one direction you regret not going in. If you got a second chance, you’d happily return to your own little boat. You would travel light commando-style, dancing on deck as you sailed to a new life in France incognito, where never again would you change your stance on the fly burning all the bridges so you couldn’t go back. You have been turned
and all you have learned is you cannot return if you try. It’s either a lie or someone made a mistake. Doing your best would pass the test you thought. One step after the other in a crooked line, your dreams would manifest and align under the influence of your singularity of pursuance to protest heartfelt deep desire to acquire your fair share of opulence and affluence… for goodness’ sake.

Sundown 024

Another stop: people get on, people get off. Illusions 109
There’s a man wearing cheap dirty brogues.
Probably works for a bank. Chin held high
and sights set on prize aimed at – money talks
and bullshit walks
is stated in his eyes –
a wind-up man who runs by the clock, mind set
on stocks and shares. No time to tell rational lies,
not that he really cares about truth because he’s
long in the tooth and short on details, wearing
powerless suits and colorless ties, his main MO
is to sell general lies.

Midsummer 004Spinning facts to make  figures count, stating highly persuasive amounts while ducking challenges he considers pervasive. He’s tall and one long diatribe of verbal fucking, endlessly evasive and perplexedly perverse steered by single-minded purpose at forefront of mind at top of his head to the steel caps  on his heels, clicking down hallways always in search
of that yielding door leading to a boardroom
where dreams come true
and wallet grows fatter.
Because he believes,
like the tricks up his sleeves
if his dream is big enough,
the facts don’t matter.
And if he keeps his nose clean,
he could be in for a perk or two,
maybe catch a few breaks
of golden slumbers
as long as he makes
numbers work.


Malahide 088

You used to be like the man in the suit, annoyinglyAugust 3rd pt 2 Weekend 2012 011
positive and insatiably hungry. Half-demented,
goal-oriented,  you’d been imprisoned behind
the bars of  job where you wore brave mask.
You were not expendable or replaceable,
you told yourself again and again believing
with all your might that you could perform
the task of holding up the customer with a smile
and a pen, before robbing her money.
It was insanity. An odd thing to do, isn’t it?
When you were a slave: when you were the one
being robbed of time and humanity.
Hysterically funny.

NY Lol 048A gray crowd of junkies come aboard, shuffling in slow-mo carnival time
drawing H’s attention outwards. Some faces wrecked, others ruined –
all resembling haunted houses over hung by clouds darkening a partial moon. One man’s troubled eyes are broken windows, ledges littered with shattered pains. His girlfriend’s are blown bulbs, stunned silent by the betrayal of vacancy… shunned by moon’s mocking urgency.
The bruised and raggedy girl in between them has a pair of chimney pot eyes that seem to be watching strings of smoke climbing high until they evaporate floating into sky…
proving smoke can exist when fire
does not.
Their heart(h)s are cold, empty of peat briquettes in the chill of night’s silent sighing. H can’t look away from their collective aimless stare, fading pictures in fragile frames propped up by a pole. Zombie bodies mere artifacts
reminding him there once was life…
and now there is
no place like home.

A chicken can run around for as long Monday Nr 4 Courts 015
sometimes hours
after having its head severed
from its body before
finally laying down…
a few scribbled lines
don’t make a poem.
The junkies are dying. So is H.
Life is short…
but Death’s Time
stretches out…
long and crooked
arm of the law.

Freedom July 2012 008H used to love creating characters and writing short stories around them until he slowly came to realise that watching people in real life was
more interesting… and humorous… and terrifying. He’s come to wonder whether
what he wrote didn’t so much tell the reader
about his characters
as it did about himself –
and not specifically
what was objectively real,
but what he imagined he could see,
what he thought he’d heard.
He doesn’t know what is real anymore.
He doesn’t know if he ever knew.

The Voice 014
Apparently, it seems to be, at least from the angle he can see, the kid on the track playing chicken with the driver, is now defiantly urinating as he stands legs akimbo.

Of all this a man with a cane catches a glimpse Speakeasy 338and points ragged finger before posing two questions of his own.

‘What is this idiot trying to prove? Does he want to end up in his grave?’

From behind, a teenage boy with a high-pitched voice

‘Naaah! He’s just too fucking lazy to move!’

Another voice chimes in with an ear to ear grin.

‘Ah sure, he’s only taking the piss!’

A laugh passes through the crowd like a Mexican wave.
Train stops hard without warning. The old dear’s head snaps back! narrowly avoiding head-on collision. Through his own transparent reflection H sees that up ahead, at the top of a curve in the line…

New Kitchen! July 2012 029a shirtless boy standing squarely on the tracks, mugshot exposed and captured in flashflood of Luas’s headlights. Old dear’s feet wake up screaming putting the boot in pulling no punches kicking in pain. A question twists her lips barbed-wire style. ‘When I’m dead,’ she says to no one and everyone, shrugging shrunken shoulders ‘how will I know?’ Cracking a smile, she shakes a fist before wantonly abandoning awareness. As her eyes turn first dull gray, then coal black, they roll around before turning back. Letting go ideas of fairness and free will.
Yielding to the skeletal arms of darkness
nothing to give but a broken heart and a bad liver. Susurously she snores as the train reaches last stop and everyone alights in the lights cast by the hotel.

photo (14)

As fast as he can get his legs to walk,Boxing Day 011
H heads towards the river, head strangely
silent, feeling as though he had swallowed
a large bunch of arrows into a stomach
that feels all aquiver.

It’s time…
he say, standing on the bridge… time to…
stand and deliver. Undo the damage.
Give into the savage. Give it my all…
stand straight and tall… close eyes… and fall

A short trip to the long haul. Down
My Heart.
My mind. Goodbye survival.

Copy of LIffey Divers 005Let’s go into undertow where fines remain unpaid.

Park in the dark and wait with hitched breath for the arrival of death – squinted upon by slitted eye of crescent moon and tow you away in all forms, shapes and sizes.

I am no longer afraid, he soon realises, starting to cough as the shivers in belly become butterflies made of jelly.

Those swimming lessons I never took are about to pay off.

Closing eyes reveals a picture of his father, smiling sadly as if eternally resigned to a feeling of guilt
causing his heart to bend… mind to tilt. how could he ever leave him like this…
wronging believing he was responsible… had to stop.
He had known pain… but never this badly.

Blood Stoney Road 033

NY Lol 015
About 30 feet away to his right, he detects
the outline of a cop moving towards him
in a hurry. Voice snakes through rain
knowing there is something amiss,
asking H if he is all right.
Don’t worry about it, H says with a grin,
understanding he could choose.
Give us a break… I’m taking a piss…
it’s all I’ve got left to lose.

There’s no doubt about it: from now on
I’m going to win.
something inside is stronger…
growing and striving
I am no longer making a fuss…
or taking a train to the land
where green grass needs mowing
from now on
I’m driving
my own bus.

H continued talking to himself as he walked back down the river, teeth clicking with cold, body starting to shiver.

Morning Has Broken 009
I thought that when a person dies, his whole life flashes before him. Strange as it is to see,
I watch the lives of others flash before me. There’s a first time for everything.
Isn’t that what they say? But they’re wrong about that, too.
Like everything else, it turns out to be the other way round.
There’s not a first time for everything, but
for everything there’s a first time.
About that I’d been so definite.
Full circle. This idea in mind
was not going to be
the first or last

© 2014 OM



Like machines human beings need fuel to function
Something has to die in order that we may live
This idea we ignore so as to avoid any compunction
Pretending to be taking less than we proudly give


Like newborns we suck on Mother Nature’s tit
Causing irreparable damage to her yielding body
Teeth grown stronger we’re chomping at the bit
Leaving a trail in our wake that’s carelessly shoddy


Staying alive means we must always be eating
Sentient beings consuming so we may procreate
Diminishing vegetables and livestock depleting
Paradox locked in a box that we can never mediate


We take heart in our part at the top of food chain
Which is a fragile – balanced – circular sort of thing
What causes pleasure for some – to others cause pain
We’re too busy to notice as we grasp for brass ring

Butche shop

Predators in the animal kingdom take only what they need
While man pursues pleasure without considering cost
Instead of undertaking Nature’s Way he gives in to greed
Standing under Law of Man’s Court he’s found to be lost

snake eating own tail

In the seed of the beginning the end does reside
Death lurks around the corner sharp as a knife
Snake head eating the tail on the opposite side
Dying is a hungry business… life’s trying to eat life

© 2013 OM


Atheist Avenger – I do not mean to be offensive, just truthful: This is one sick, twisted muthafukka! Fukk him, fukk his stupid laws, and fukk the koran for being so easily misinterpreted!

Sultan of Brunei Introduces Islamic Lawsultana of brunei

Sultana of Brunei Introduces Islamic Law Including Death by Stoning and Amputation of Limbs / Brunei’s Sultana praises implementation of strict Islamic law as a fulfillment of duty to Allah

Creation Apologist – So sad that a 1300 year old work of literature can reduce humans to that level

Atheist Avenger – Whether they are humans any more or not is questionable. The hollowed out, soulless, heartless, mindless vessels of what may have once been a human… perhaps.

Creation Apologist – Well said. Adios

Muslimania – In over 1000 years the practice of this can be recorded on both hands,the law is there to deter murders and gangsters that monopolise on stealing.In America today u have the death penalty and I. The last 50 years more people have been put to death than the entire history of the Khlaifa!get ur facts straight!


Atheist Avenger – Do two wrongs make aright, do you think, MM?

Muslimania – AA the reason why the punishment is so severe is because the crime was so severe!the reason why the punishment existed was to deter the criminals!and the reason why it was practiced six times in a total of 1000 years of Khlaifa is because it does deter!and the reason why murder and crime is a business in other places in the world,well that’s because if ur brutal and have enough connections r money then the deterrence simply isn’t convincing enough!How many criminals re commit crimes!!!Jails in some parts of the world are club houses for criminal organisations where crime is planned outside prisons!!!!! Don’t have such a short sighted view on issues,there’s always a big picture!

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM?

Muslimania – When Ted Bundy the serial killer was captured and jailed,he then escaped and killed 6 more!if ted Bundy was killed straight away the six victims post his escape would be alive today!this isn’t about two wrongs!its about dealing with murders and criminals in such a way we as a society aren’t allowing the progression and growth of more murders and more criminals!

God Bless Hitler

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM? Please, stop wriggling – it’s unbecoming of your answer and disrespectful of my question. Thanks.

Muslimania – Let’s put all murders and criminals in one location to organise and promote their activities,Genius!Lets have 24 hour liqueur stores everywhere look how much alcohol related crime there is!lets have guns everywhere!AA seriously if u bothered ur ass to look at History and the detailed Laws of sharia ud see the wisdom and the reason for why the death penalty occurred so little over such a huge area of the world over such a long period of time!dont be another one eyed liar tool!

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM? Please, stop wriggling – it’s unbecoming of your answer and disrespectful of my question. I will not be asking again, and if you fail to answer this third time, I think it will be obvious that you are evading the question… which leads to the next question: Why?

Muslimania – Killing a murder is not a wrong!!!!when laws r put in place that deter murders rapists and criminals that’s not a wrong!two wrongs don’t make a right has no context here!!!!For the sake of Justice and peace,laws to deter criminals are Right!hope u understand that ur back of a serial box expression doesn’t apply here.

Butcher those who insult islam

Atheist Avenger – Who the fuck are you arguing with? I see no other person on this thread (except CA, who left a long time ago). Where are you coming up with these statements you are putting in the invisible other person’s mouth? Oh yeah, probably out of your own ass as usual! Two wrongs don’t make a right has no context here, eh? You, my friend have jumped the shark and are now drowning in the putrid bowel-water spewing from your own forked-tongue. Let me try to explain it simply to you: The here IS the context, and the question remains. The fact that you will not answer speaks volumes. (WTF drugs are you taking: I really don’t want any of them myself as they obviously destroy your ability to reason and speak to the person in front of you instead of some straw man you have devised in your head that you can use like a ventriloquist’s dummy, dummy!) As CA likes to say: End of discussion. Except this was not a discussion… and it is only over unless you answer the question.

Muslimania – Ok AA,nice rant,so il gather that implementing laws that deter criminals is wrong and seeking justice against criminals is wrong but on the other hand crime is wrong and criminals are wrong!”do two wrongs make a right”that’s wht u keep writing!?so that’s Basicly the only format that statement u have stuck to makes!good for u AA,ur wisdom is mind boggling!!!!

Atheist Avenger – You said, in response to my post, “In America today u have the death penalty and I. The last 50 years more people have been put to death than the entire history of the Khlaifa!get ur facts straight!” Now, let that sink into that concrete head of yours…

America’s death penalty is wrong. Not because I believe it is, which is irrelevant, but because they claim (as muslim countries do) to be founded upon the teachings of their holy comic-book (the koran and the bible, the most heinous pieces of pulp fiction and poor literature ever written)… and both those teachings agree on this: Thou shalt not kill!

So… keep up… I was (as you well know, you slippery fish) saying that the fucktard in the picture and his new laws are wrong as well as the USA’s (aka: Universal Spying Agency’s) laws (killing people in the electric chair or by lethal injection) are wrong.

I’ll wait… take your time to digest.

Now, one more time: DO YOU THINK… ?


Muslimania – Shows how little u understand religion,ok firstly Quran states killing one innocent life is like killing the whole of humanity,Quran also has judicial laws,Quran is there to protect the weak and innocent and serve justice to criminals,Thou shalt no kill applies to INNOCENT,not Murders and Rapists!!!!!!Again when u remove the deterrence and accommodate criminals,crime evolves and because more frequent,facts again speak for themselves when prisoners are committing crimes outside prisons!!!!!!! U must have a very simplistic understanding of religion and life to know thou shalt not kill and think that applies to innocent and criminals alike!really bro that’s Stone Age thinking!iam shocked

Civilians islam




Muslimania – AA I always held on to the idea that ur a man always seeking knowledge and a little open minded but ur irrelevant irrational in ability to have a logical debate is beyond ur capability. Ur last post said it all,doooooh thou shalt not kill but dooooh u kill murders and rapists!dooohhhh two wrongs don’t make a right!u would be dangerous if u weren’t so irrational!

Atheist Avenger – Show me, o wise enlightened moron, where in the bible it says Thou shalt not kill… except for murderers and rapists! Show me or shut the fuck up you wankbag!

“…whosoever killeth a human being… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” did this go on to say “except for murderers or rapists? NO!

Again, the stupid too stupid to have any clue as to how stupid they are! Stop wasting my time with your infantile gibberish and get back on your knees, stick your butt in the air, and mumble obscenities to your filthy sky-daddy master, you self-proclaimed slave you! Have a nice day! J

Muslimania – And this is a prime example of no context not bothering to

Europe 9 11

Atheist Avenger – You can’t do it!

Fuck off now, brainwashed zombie-boy!

Muslimania – No context no Hadith headlines is all u know,there is a set of judicial laws in Islam derived from the Quran!Believe it or not AA the Quran doesn’t rate the murder and the innocent the same,and respect urself,insulting what is dear to me doesn’t help ur poor argument it just shows a lack of maturity on ur part!

Atheist Avenger – You can’t do it!

You should have shut the fuck up a good while back because the hole you’re digging just gets deeper and harder to crawl out of. Your brothers are going to be very disappointed with your ‘cop out’ answers and bullshit slinging on this thread, man. How in dog’s name are you going to live it down?

NOWHERE IN THE koran DOES IT GO ON TO SAY ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING ‘except for murderers and rapists’, AFTER IT CLEARLY STATES ‘…whosoever killeth a human being… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…’

INDEED, ‘whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…’



Muslimania – Like a moody arrogant teenager!ok AA how old r u 40 something?hopefully when ur 50 something u might be mentally past those temperamental teen years:)



Muslimania – AA please don’t be a parrot and repeat the one verse u know over and over again,as if ur lack of info is evidence that the Quran completely ignores the judicial laws that have been taken from the Quran directly and put in place threw out the Khlaifa.Laws on crime laws on marriage,laws of inheritance,laws on economic procedures are all there!please research well before commenting! Yeah AA whatever u say,not the fact the Quran and The living example of the Quran the prophet both clearly identifiy the laws that Khlaifa implemented for centuries are enough proof that the Quran identifies innocent people and those that commit crime are clearly dealt with differently but it’s ur headlines knowledge of knowing one verse that defines what the Quran says and ignores huge parts and completely ignores context and Hadith is the true essence of the Qurans message!whats ur conclusion AA?oh yeah religion says kill no one not even those that oppress and kill u!Heres a verse for u AA,Allah hates oppression!oppression is worse than fight so fight them until they stop fighting u!as in don’t just criminals run riot!!!!U r some ego maniac to try and impose ur limited ignorant uneducated view!Bro learn not to talk about things u know nothing about!

Sharia uk

Atheist Avenger – I’ll let you have the last (nonsensical) word! Sweet dreams! X

Muslimania – Logic and facts r nonsensical to those that r nonsensical:)

Creation Apologist – MM; would you be so kind as to tell me ONE prophecy the prophet foretold?

Muslimania – Only one?prophet was foretold before he came and he himself foretold the end of Constantinople,re born to Istanbul,the spread of the one Eyed liars,from country to country indoctrinating the masses,Freemasons symbol is the one eye it’s on the international currency the al mighty Dollar!the competition of the Arabs in Arabia building buildings to the skies,the ability of man to fly and travel long distances in short periods of time,there is books on the prophecys of the prophet!

Creation Apologist – Em not meaning to be disrespectful MM but they are guesses. That city is still there, a piece of paper with an eye on it is hardly an answer, people living in tents in the 6th century could easily see large buildings as the pyrimids were allready there 2500 years so THAT little prognostigation took no imagination. Would you care to be specific and SHOW me where this man actually said “man would one day be able to fly?” And kindly NAME the books – authors and publishers of these prophecies.Thanks

Muslimania – Khalid Salaby is the author of the life of the prophet,In Islam there is the Quran and the Hadith the Hadith is everything the prophet said or did.Regarding Constantinople,this was part of the Roman Empire the prophet predicted when Islam was at its infancy that Islam will overcome Byzantine empire the heart of which was Constantinople and it will become Muslim Istanbul!this prediction was made hundreds of years earlier. Every prophet warned against the anti Christ,the last prophet of God said its a system and a person,the of the anti Christ is the one eye,this Image is everywhere it relates to Horus ancient Egyption one eyed God,there is many prophesies on this system and things unfolding today relate to this system! Building in Arabia,Arabia was a Barron dessert until the 70s!The idea of skyscrapers being built in a desert seemed like an impossible concept no matter what the time! Hadith is everything the prophet said r did,the predictions within the Hadiths of the prophet are numerous?that is the source of knowledge the prophet gave us.


Atheist Avenger – CA, as you can see by the preceding thread, you will turn blue in the face trying to get a straightforward or comprehensible answer from this deluded, but otherwise delightful, not to mention ruggedly handsome, young man. Peace to you both – and may your own personal gods go with you! Apeople!  xxx

Muslimania – Name of the book,noble life of the prophet,Ali Al Salaby 3 volumes of this. Life of the prophet Muhammad by Anwar Al Awlaki,gives lectures and uses reference that u can then research to confirm. Hamza Yusuf,life of the prophet. Mustafa Zayed,book prophesies of Muhammad.

Creation Apologist – Thanks pal; Now I have the Koran, so page, chapter and numbered paragraph where your “prophet” said “man wuld one day fly in the sky”… take your time. PS Where did he say “skyscrapers?” Chapter and verse please; no waffle now.

Muslimania – CA,the Quran is the word of God not the prophet!The Hadith is everything the prophet said or did!Hadith has Volumes.Seeing that u have the Quran in front of you research miracles in the Quran and use the Quran as references.Use scholars I referenced as a guide to find all the info u want within the Quran and Hadith.Dr Zakir naik gives chapter and verse he’s much more knowledgeable than me,research this man he gives chapter and verse for the bible and Hindu and Buddist books.

Atheist Avenger – Told you, CA, you’ll never get a straight or understandable answer from MM. And since we’ve come this far I think it’s important for you to know what exactly you’re dealing with. MM admits openly and proudly, and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, that if it weren’t for the morals he claims to get from the koran, that he would murder, steal, rape and pillage… and not only that, thinks that civilized, educated men like ourselves would do the same. I hope that shines a little light on the issue for you, so perhaps you don’t waste your time going around in aimless circles with him. I only do it because… Well, that’s my job, I help lost people and those who are in need of education and/or large doses of personal evolution. No, please, no need to thank me. I was just born this way… It’s just who I am. Other than that, MM is a wonderful guy who I love strenuously and without regret. He may have the rugged physique and appearance of a grizzly bear, but inside he’s cuter than a white bunny rabbit with a pink nose and cotton tail!

Now, kids, it’s time for bed. Sleep tight… And if the monsters come, remember, hide under the blankets because as everyone knows, and as it says in the bible (so it must be true) that monsters cannot get you when you’re all snuggled up under the blankies.

Nighty-night! Don’t forget to say your prayers! Hugs & Kisses! Xoxox

Muslimania – AA unfortunately there is no book that sums up Islam like Islam for dummies r some sort of pop up book!that will Incompass History,law,science,social science and the entire life story of the prophet but hey not everyone is mature and able to research and understand the evidence of religion and the big questions of Life! without religion man becomes a Hypocrite!some examples,Drugs r illegal and wrong but alcohol is fine,Prostitution is illegal and wrong,one night stands are fine!stealing is wrong!interest is fine!self respect is important!yet we act and dress in ways we don’t get respect.As for those men that don’t see the hypocrisy and have said the hell with it everything is fine,well those people are selfish and don’t care what effects these hypocrisies have on others,only chasing self satisfaction!


Atheist Avenger – I rest my case. Now, go to bed!!!

Creation Apologist – MM, Good morning; You STILL have not shown me one prophecy the “prophet” is alledged to have said; Please MM DO NOT type one more word EXCEPT chapter and verse in the Koran to prove your phantasy. You are like Christians who say their priests have the answers THEY DONT and neither do your priests; As an example I will quote a Jewish Rabbbi Christians call Jesus; In 33 AD He told his mates when on a tourist visit to the Temple in Jerusalem; “See all this , the Romans are going to come and level it to the ground” The Romans came in 37 years later in 70 AD and under General Titus demolished the entire city as Jophephus and other historians record; Now Emir; THATS A PROPHECY I will answer NOTHING else to you unless you do your research and answer my SPECIFIC request. All the very best. sorry I forgot to give you chapter and verse in a dangerous 1900 year old book called The Bible; Its in the greek scriptures in a section called Matthew chapter 24 verse 2..(Read the entire chapter for historical context…) Also the COMPLETE WORKS OF FLAVIOUS JOSEPHUS. The Jewish /Roman historian who lived in the first century AD and was an eyewitness to the prophesied slaughter and carnage as the Jewish nation was led into bondage and slavery all over the Roman world AS PROPHESIED by that young man. Published by William P Nimmo in Edinborough Scotland in 1867. The three chapters I direct you to are from pages 522 to 570

Muslimania – Ok il try to make this as clear as possible,The Quran does not have the prophesies of Muhammd,the Hadith has all the prophesies of Muhammad!hope everyone is following so far,the Hadith has volumes!all u have to literally do is go to google type prophesies of prophet Muhammad and ul get a list of prophesies the sources chapters and page etc!

Man Dwell – i like the word bollixology, good argument peeps, but the real prob is not people who can argue a point, the real prob is people who are brainwashed early and believe that they are doing the right thing.

Creation Apologist – Correct. At least you have the courage to admit the Quran DOES NOT have ANY prophecies from the “prophet”…I am not interested and have had it with your Hadith written 300 years later which splits the Sunnies and Shites and gives them the visvious fuel to hate kill bomb and slaughter each others families. So YOU have failed as I predicted. You see knowledge is a powerful thing and frees us from ridiculous childhood religious nonsence. Goodbye and take care.

Muslimania – The person who wrot the second most volumes of the Hadith was the Prophets wife!so how exactly was Hadith written 300 years after the prophet!?secondly Quran has evidence that backs it up and Hadith has evidence that backs it up,u can just decide well if the type of evidence I want isn’t where I want it then that’s it!?to each their own,regarding Shia and Sunni that had to do with the political take over Sunnis saying Prophet left it to council to choose a leadership and the Shia said it has to be descendants of the prophet,it’s a political issue,Quran is the exact same universally Shia Sunni whatever,it’s peoples in ability to work together!Quran and Hadith work hand in Hand,Quran is from God,Quran states to pray,Hadith the prophet being the living example of the Quran would detail how to pray!etc. Also regarding the Quran and Hadith of the prophet,it’s down to how much u apply,when Muslims applied it more,Islam and Muslims where successful the less we apply it the worse off we are and history has shown that to be the case.

Atheist Avenger – When are you going to give us chapter and verse, MM? Why do you have to be asked the same question over and over? Don’t you understand how that makes you appear? Or do you not understand?


See, CA – nothing!

DeFitz – I’m pretty sure, given the amount of time left in existence, if I said something as vague as some of these prophecies you’ve mentioned, what I say would eventually come true. Doesn’t mean I’m a prophet or god or anything like it. Religion is.for the gullible so let them have it

Atheist Avenger – Agreed, DeFitz. I’ll let the have at it once the harm caused by their superstitions cease.

Creation Apologist – MM: SILENCE!

Atheist Avenger – CA, I take my hat off to you sir! You’ve managed to do something I’ve not been able to do with MM – shut him up! BRILLIANT!

Muslimania – Atheists r sooo funny!they are to arrogant ignorant and lazy to bother to do any real study,keep to ur headline clippings and superficial information!u guys r oblivious to the reality of the world and are simply indoctrinated by a system the prophet warned man kind about!Deaf dumb and blind!Maybe i can get u a pop up book for kids,more for your level of intellect,;)


Atheist Avenger – Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse! (Oooooh… he’s rising to our level. I’m scared, ain’t you boys scared? :()

Muslimania – Oh my God u guys r special!theres a million books on the issue go to google and pick i told u what to type and u WILL GET ALL CHAPTERS AND VERSESS U WANT!?R U TOO OLD TO WORK GOOGLE R TO STUPID!?iam done seriously,either u r slow r u cant work google!!!!

Atheist Avenger – Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse!

Muslimania – Hmar!

Atheist Avenger Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse!

Muslimania – figure out how to use google!

Atheist Avenger – CA quoted you chapter and verse from the bible, and he’s over 60. Are you too fucking weak to open the koran and then type the chapter and verse out, bitch?

Muslimania – AGAIN THE PREDICTIONS R IN HADITH NOT QURAN,hadith has many volumes with a great deal of predictions.Why is it so hard to read wht i wrote type into google and like magic everything will appear!u guys arent that old,dont need to be spoon fed yet!


Muslimania – u old fart,get it from google urself!i typd it up in two scond and had a list infron of me chapter and verse!u old fossil!:)

Atheist Avenger – We-eh-hell! Now lets get this straight. Your profit moohamhead supposably writed the koran. You said he made profisees. He did not write the hadeeth. So where the fuck are the predixions he made… err… in the koran? No. And, of course, he didn’t make any in the hadeeth because he didn’t write that piece of pulp fixion.

Atheist – 10
muslim – -8

Chapter and verse.

This is your last chance or everyone will be able to see that, as usual, you spew out empty rhetoric and when challenged throw little girly-pebbles and run away. I’d hate to be one of your bro’s on here for this. Indeed, now that I think of it, where the hell are they? Why aren’t any of them backing you up? Oh, I think I might know why. Now, you’ve proven your stupidity… but do you have enough cop on to know when to quit? I bet not…

Muslimania – Bro all jokes aside,r u slow?For the million time,Quran is a revelation,definition of which means it is inspired by creator,thus perfect and unchanged universally.Hadith is the day to day life of Muhammad pbuh that includes the predictions and many amazing accomplishments he done.Hadith has been composed by those u lived with him,eg his wife who gave details of the prophet and all the events and history that unfolded around him. if u ever bother to look up google ul see the chapter and verse and speak of all the predictions the prophet made centuries earlier or weeks earlier in his own life that lead to the success of a man who was a spiritual leader and a nation bulder,successful and both the spirtual and material level.Only man in History to be so


Atheist Avenger – See, I was right!

Fuck you, asshat. Chapter and verse! Or are you admitting your profit did not make any prophecies worth mentioning? (Apparently, you really haven’t a shred of intelligence left: the effect of your brain on superstition!)

Chapter and verse, now… or shut the fuck up!

Muslimania – AA i was just on Google u might of heard of it?i was going to get u exact chapter and verse but there is literally a long list just follow the step by step instruction to find chapter and verse if u still cant find it,i can get the book and mark every single prediction and give u the book next week in person. Step1 type into google prophesies of the prophet Muhammad step two open the page,step3 read whats in the page it will have chapter and page of numerous predictions!again if u have trouble working google il insure to get u a book and have the predictions highlighted,peace

Atheist Avenger – So, you are you admitting your profit did not make any prophecies worth mentioning? Ass hats like you who wrote the hadeeth just made them up! What a fucking joke you and your cult is! LOL! Love ya bbz X

Muslimania – AA ud rather argue this pointless point till the day u die,rather than actually bother looking at what is written,u have no interest what evidence is presented in front of u so iam gona end this pointless disscusion.Have a good evening,interesting as usual

Atheist Avenger – That’s because, unlike CA, you didn’t present any!


Atheist Avenger…/


There’s these religious extremist loons
Who are threatened by silly cartoons
If you make fun of their ‘god’ they’ll put you under the sod
So FORK them and muham-mad with spoons!
© ORP 2013

Creation Apologist – MM that is savagely unkind of you,; Many many Atheists are wonderful honest kind people. And, by the way, I am not an atheist!

© 2013 WW


Stupidity Homer's Brain,
Jack K
A friend of mine revealed his wife is pregnant; I told him; “The very best thing a father can do for his children in love their mother.”
Curious But what if she abuses them and shows them no respect or love, should he love her anyway?
Tweedle-Dumb – Curious, you might have missed the point or perhaps you’re working out your mommy issues on social media?
Curious – Tweedle-Dumb, thank you for your concern and erroneous diagnosis of my motivation for my comment. The point you missed is that I was seeking clarification of John’s comment so that I may truly understand what his point was. :0).
Tweedle-Dumb – Oh I’m not concerned I was just making the point that you have missed the point. Everyone’s experience is different but the broader wisdom being imparted is quite obvious and poignant. I don’t see the need for clarification, just some one trolling.
Curious – Is that what you do, troll? Are you suggesting that if a mother abuses her children and shows them no respect or love, that her husband should love her anyway? Interesting. Is there someone you may be trying to protect? Do you have children, Judah, and if so, do you attack them this way when they seek to clarify the meaning of a person’s statement instead of jumping to assumptions and misinformed conclusions?
Tweedle-Dumb – No Curious, I’m the person Jack imparted the wisdom to. Jack was there the day I was born and has been a constant in my life from that day to this. He has loved me and been there for me and my family for over 40 years. And yes I’m clearly advocating the abuse of children whilst the husband stands limply by. Your insight is quite exceptional. You should perhaps consider offering your insights professionally. Hoes that for a misinformed conclusion?
Curious – Pretty bad, actually. However, your suggestion to offer my insights professionally… well, that’s what I do for a living. I hope you get over your knee-jerk reactions to people who simply try to clarify the meaning of a statement another person has asserted and stop being so sensitive and passive-aggressive. I wish you well.
Tweedle-Dumber – Curious you know I was going to let this go, but I can’t. I guess Tweedle-Dumbs problem and mine as well, is that you seem to be taking Jack’s positive musing and free associating it to something negative. Should every light hearted silly piece of fluff, smeared with the grease of nostalgia, be up for counter point? Or is the point merely to set up an argument you can win? Or perhaps to just bait someone? If Jack made a Political, religious or emotive statement that offended or set up a place for debate, then I say have at it. But “Love their mother?” Really?
Tweedle-Dumb & Tweedle-Dumber.
Tweedle-Dumb – Ahh I thought I picked up on some street corner psychology, goal post moving! You’re inability to actually engage is a substantive way on the subject at hand is lame and transparent.
Tweedle-Dumber – Hey we pressed enter right after each other, but mine is more elegant
Curious – Oh,I get it!  You guys are joking. LOL! Well, do I feel foolish! You really had me going there, I mean, taking you seriously and all.
Tweedle-Dumb – No yours is stoopid!
Alice Oh dear!
Tweedle-Dumber – “A Wayan’s brother? Which one? There’s another one?”
Tweedle-Dumb – NO the points are well found Curious, we are being funny cos we all arrived at the same place to give you a verbal spanking. Which seems unfair. That said-side step side step
Curious You guys are so funny – like Canon & Ball! Lol
Goldmember True
Tweedle-Dumber – There is 3 of us Curious, if you are going to condescend, let’s not leave anyone out
Curious – Sorry, I guess I should have said The Three Stooges!
GoldmemberOh sweet. Haven’t seen something like this in ages. Carry on!!
Alice Nuck nuck!!!!!
Tweedle-Dumber – Haha. Very good. The fact is if you hang around Jacks page long enough, you will find something to debate hotly. Sorry John, But we disagree on a lot. But this kind of thing is punitive. You’re better than this Curious. It makes you look like a git. I bags being Larry
Curious – Sorry, stooges, I am unable to lower myself to this level of ??? humor ??? childishness ??? idiocy ??? Apologies for not knowing the word. Be well, and may you continue to make each other chuckle.
Tweedle-Dumber – Our levity aside, our points are sincere and well made. You do not attempt to address them because they are valid and you are, in fairness, well out numbered. Name calling is poor form of debate. I OBSERVE your form of debate is to subjectivity and free associate. It’s only Facebook banter and you’re still a pretty girl.
Tweedle-Dumber – Objectify
Curious – Like yourselves, boys, it’s really rather simple: Jack made a statement. I asked a question for clarification. You are both classic cases of people suffering with anal retentiveness which leads to this unnecessary and wildly off the mark over-analysis. BTW: If you care to look a little closer, none of either of your sentences actually grammatically make any sense. If your Zombie book is written as poorly as your comments on this thread, Tweedle-Dumber, it’s no wonder it never got published.
Tweedle-Dumber – I wrote the post in the dark, and what a mean spirited thing to say-coming from a person who claims they are paid by people to counsel their emotions. My goal in writing is simply to enjoy the task itself, not profit from it. I like myself very much. You however, have degraded into name calling and what you think will be a hurtful statement. Basically you’re a prick.
Curious – Now, you have stooped even lower than I could have imagined. You have made false accusations. If I have called you names, then back it up by cutting and pasting. Otherwise, go back and suck your thumb and cry on J’s shoulder.
Tweedle-Dumber – Here is my response to you earlier when you asked me to send you my book: I actually started a course in XYZ this month on counselling, I am hoping to get myself into college next year to pursue same. Being honest Curious, I don’t think they would be up to much. As I say, I write them for my own pleasure. But I do wish to be better, so if you want to send me your email (and promise to be gentle)- I would be happy to hear your feedback. I will check out your blogs for sure.
Curious – Tweedle-Dumber, that’s wonderful, but does not answer the fact that you have publicly made false accusations about me (which can be handled legally if you would like)… and you are unwilling/unable to provide the evidence for your claims. Either do so, or publicly acknowledge that you were mistaken and misspoke. An apology is not required.
Tweedle-Dumber – Using your frued like deduction,once the debate didn’t go your way, you chose to take a shot at where you thought would be a soft spot. “I am unable to lower myself to this level of ??? humor ??? childishness ??? idiocy ???” This the name calling. You are not a very nice person and I do not think YOU like yourself very much. As such I shall not longer respond to your spite and meanness
Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee
Curious That is not name calling. Asking what the level of the conversation is, is not name calling. Asking questions are not anything like you seem to think they are. Now, one more time, back up your claim or acknowledge your mistake. Failing either, I will proceed with legal action. The evidence has been recorded. Thank you.

Silencio 😉

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