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Leo: How about, instead of discriminating against gays, we discriminate against those who discrimnate against gays? Let’s start with the bitch above and her gay husband. Who’s with me?

Rick: Leo..u were doing good until the bitch part…

Shirley: ‎^ agree with rob the “b***h and er gay husband” part is discrediting

Leo: WTF? She is a bitch. And her husband is gay. Discrediting to whom? I have no understanding of what you guys are saying. I live in Ireland where we call a spade a spade. What’s wrong with that?

Rick: Leo, i think you’re a great guy. love your comments ..b…h is a derogatory/demeaning term for women, like using fa..t for a gay person…times change, and so do we.

Shirley: combating discrimination with terms that stem from a derogatory/discriminating nature only creates an ugly web of more discrimination of another form. Gay is a word used to discrminate as is the other. use of them discredits an argument against uour poin. But ignore me im just a lowly college student.

Leo: I’m trying to understand you, Rick: when you say ‘we’, who, specifically, do you mean?

Billy: Be careful here. Gay is not always used in the pejorative. It is called the lgbt movement remember. I know many gay men who prefer the term gay to homosexual. That said, it is important to NOT use the word as a term of derision.

Leo: Is somebody jumping to the erroneous assumption that I used the word ‘gay’ as a term of derision?

Billy: I think the assumption sprang from the pairing. When you use one extremely insulting phrase in tandem with another descriptive phrase, it is common for that association to be made.

Leo: I appreciate that Billy, and that may be so. I would like to hear from Rick, though, and Shirley. I respect your view, but, in my view, their are no extremely insulting phrases or bad words. There are, I’ll admit, those who interpret words and phrases to be insulting or bad. I ask those people to be mature and own that. If they want to know what another person meant, perhaps they should ask and not jump to incorrect conclusions… no?

Billy: It’s a shame that there isn’t a word for: “Obviously sexually confused individual who tries to bury their own proclivities behind a thin veneer of religion and homophobia”, then you could have used that instead.

Rick: Leo..as in ‘we the people’ , I can be pretty out there at times on FB with my comments, I like to be personal and intimate with my FB Friends, at the same time it’s not like we are down the pub knocking back pints and letting it rip. and …miss Malone, if i ever hear you, an amazing, talented, beautiful young lady..who has a huge headstart with a great Irish surname..lol..refer to yourself as ‘lowly, u will be defriended and i will have Mary take u to the woodshed..;-)

Leo: So, you speak for the people, eh? I wasn’t aware of that, Rick. I read what you said, but nowhere in there did I glean an answer to my question. So, I’ll repeat it: Did you make the incorrect assumption that I meant the word ‘gay’ as a term of derision, or did you not? I would like to be clear about that. Thanks.

Rick: Leo, I use bitch as in ‘life’s a bitch’, or ‘bitch slap’ but the combo of shes a bitch ‘ doesn’t work. and i think gay is the correct term used by gay and straight alike. i love how the Irish are ‘live and direct’, and i get called on that… all the time, and yes, we have no problem ffing and blinding, it’s part of the vernacular, but drogatory terms don’t work for me. and i have no problem with your use of the word gay. remember..i grew up watching gay byrne, our johnnycarson.. ‎’we the people’ is the preamble to the american constitution..often used for ‘john public’, or ‘the man on the clapham omnibus’…dunno what they use in Ireland anymore…

June: Leo – in this instance we could equate B***H to the N word!

Leo: No, June, in this instance you can equate bitch with the word nigger. I know what I meant and I really could give a flying fuck at a rolling donut what someone who doesn’t know me or even asks what I mean comes on to me with judgemental advice. I usually say to those people ‘go fuck yourself’, but since everybody on this thread seems to be so overly sensitive I wont’ say that to you.

Rick: Sorry Leo, your outta here. this is getting close to hate speech, making my stomach churn. I am all for plain speaking and not gilding the lily, but using terms that most reasonable folk and certainly my friends on here find disgusting does not work for me. i can’t control what you think or say, but I do have some control over what goes on my wall.

Leo: Well, before you turn me off, Rick, maybe you should pull your head out of your ass! What a bunch of condescending assholes you and some of your friends have turned out to be. Pity, because I was beginning to like you. Adios! And next time you jump to conclusions and make assumptions, I hope you don’t break a leg or hurt somebody’s ass! Hehehehe! *time* BTW: You still never answered me. Is that you being cowardly?

June: Leo – When one has to reduce to profanity to express themselves, it shows that their level of vocabulary is limited.

Leo: Wrong again, June. Christopher Hitchens, a man with arguably the best vocabulary in the world today (in English anyway) argues against what you said. If you’re open to being educated, you can find it on YouTube. The ignorant, oddly enough, are usually the ones who disdain education. Also, if you can read my writing and tell me I have a poor vocabulary, you must be an idiot!

June: Whatever……………….

Leo: Great comeback! June, you are a star. You’ve so wonderfully proven my point. I invited you to get better educated and the best you could come back with, like an ignoramus on the Springer show, was ‘whatever’!!! Thank you so much. 😉

Rick: June..de man brave..him doan know who him is messin ‘ wid…mount a posse and head over to Dublin, u can get plenty tar n’ feather there..lol.!

June: No need to head over, one phone call! lol

Conan: anyone who takes Bachmann seriously has a smaller IQ than their shoe size

Rick: conan..u backed off the shot…was sure u had something else in mind than IQ..Lol.!

Lisa: Gosh Rick… stay brave and true to yourself and never mind the thrash talkers♥

Rick: lisa..this guy was ‘easy’…but he was msg. me after i defriended him, real nasty..wonder why he gets so angry.? now if u were upset with me, ‘hol different ball o’ wax babe..

Lisa: You know Rick, we are always able to resolve our differences of opinion… as long as you agree with me ;p

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