Sal slavishly slavers sliver shards of liquid mirrors

laughing like a black-sheep free of numb rigor

mortis fear of jiggers dumb as white-niggers

hangin’ spinnin’ from old tire-swing lazy heat

hazy blurry crazy treat spoon stirring in bowl

cool wet hot dreams rocknrollshockofurry

she starts singin’ – singin’ in the rain

what a glorious feelin’ I’m hap-hap-happy again


forgetting forsaking or just playacting Sal keeps singing

with a smile getting wet while making-up lines of lyrics

(the way she does at weekends when setting aside

monotonous vampire-like minutiae of a routine

designed to dampen her imagination)

lets her bobby-pinned-up-hair-do down

freed from and no longer arrested

tied tried and tested to find out

if she could best it!

The enlighten – meant – if it were

any in the third place need never

have been taken nor awaken

All my cash I’ll spend showering her

with tokens of love I want to

splash out on her as she lays there

laid-back on the bed flat on her nude back

bear grizzles stick in drink swizzles iciness

chilled beverage come of age blankpage

secret drizzled vessel redhotshinyslick

stripliver teasing easing darting tongue

tastesavours let flow silver from dark galley

set free golden-molten-lava deep within

how green is her valley?

She’s a strangel

a flawed angel called Sal

which is short for Sally

Crack open conk drizzles oozing pores pause

before opening upcomingdown drupelets fizzles

pours out all of me its funny when losing badly

losing you win in time is money is love is real

love really a sin? Her sunny disposition with-

in reach comes in handy sweeter

than candy or Tupelo honey

Ascent of Man

a scent of a woman

a heck of a gal

Sal is for salamander

Salome / saloon / salon / salvation

a sound that starts a heart a-skipping

salivadripping salacious visions silhouetted

stripped naked wetted which switch tripped

candle-lit dream theatre skull cinema

Now Showing: in 5 Representations

crazy carnival-saloon time tripping

shadows dipping lips opening sipping

sucking spilling beatless tempo seatless

revolver needle revolves heedlessly evolving


needlessly sounding surrounding

itself in splendrous colorful scents

senses intense(men)ly seemingly

spiralling higher into darkness



answers the whyforewords

before shooting the gun

and the smoking after

forwards four words:


(sweet heart come)




(sweet hot come)


Say, says Sal, are you my saviour?

Does my behaviour suggest

that I want to save her?

Ultimately not ill-timedly

when I get right down

to her bottom linedly

that’s branching out(in)

creases tattoo epidermal

coating quim-a-quivering

tantalisinglywinking a come-on

to third eye can see without light

a mind of it’s own heartheatseekingtip

atop hardwood shaft searchingsingle

mindedly straighter-than narrow

one-eyed-jack-in-the-box popped

straight firm arrow slides glides

into her nest deli(cious)ghtful

delicate as a frail Mia Farrow

sparrow ready to swallow it up

downdeep hole-in-1 bull’s-eye!

Deepdown where lies waiting

pulpy life-giving marrow

her twat grips tightlock

safe soothing silky sheath

feels like home to me and

my puresweetsadsorrow




pudendum hots-up fastly


liver sending shocking

shiver into olfactory

system setting off

scented shapes

getting milky-












quim in hungry

sucking honey

suckling mouth


both rings glowing


enticingly down here in

Sal’s swollen swallowed



her Salvador Dali pun(cture

pic)fun(k{e}y toyourlocked

up-butnow (hereandwon

ownsthenow) cock-upped-


Salves adore dalink!

Sal enslaves Peter Proud

in the try-of-her-cunt

with O roun-

ding out lips

above and




© 2011 Wordwurst

Travelling Light


Turning away from hatefulness
Both transmitting and receiving
Reconnecting with gratefulness
Once again begin believing

Body’s able and mind is sound
With strong verisimilitude
Head in clouds and feet on the ground
I feel a profound gratitude…

For the woman at my side
Her indescribable beauty
For her love and her pride
My undeniable duty

That I’m still learning
Early spring flowers
The world keeps turning
Brightwarm sunshowers

Stealing a quick look
Watching a motion picture
Reading a good book
Not quoting from scripture

Giving life meaning
Feeling my emotions
Living and being
Dealing with notions

Aware of my senses
Laughing and having fun
Dismantling fences
Outside beneath the sun

Staying fit and healthy
The food that I’m creating
Best way to be wealthy
The mood I’m radiating

Remembering old friends
The time I have for pleasure
Tying up those loose ends
All the faces that I treasure

The opportunities I’m taking
Glad for almost everything I’ve got
The litter and leaves I am raking
Knowing that I could lose the whole lot

Music in the background
Reading a new poem
Covering the black sound
There’s no place like home

The stories I’m telling
The ways that I’m going
The shit I’m not selling
The not really knowing

The games we are playing
The frowns, the smiles
The gravity weighing
The downs, the miles

Living awake in the now
Satisfied with the way things are
Not needing to know any how
Universe sees me as a star

The levels of magnification
Appreciating fine works of art
The degrees of meditation
Putting to rhyme the beats of my heart

Singing along to a soulful song
The peace of mind that I feel
If there’s no right then there’s no wrong
When I find a piece that’s real

I gain complete satisfaction
From the causes I am fighting
Without need for a transaction
With the words that I am writing

Understanding that perception is projection
Not getting stuck in the tow of history
Answers are within, obtained through self-inspection
Letting go into the flow of mystery

… I’m overwhelmed with gratitude
Heaviness lifted, darkness lightened
Cured of the illness of blinditude
Blissful, peaceful, calm and enlightened

It changes the way I’m perceiving
What used to seem mysterious
Was the result of misperceiving
Through eyes once far too serious

© 2011 ORP