“Dear Immigrants:

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“We teach it through the media, all of which we own. Know right now wherever you are, when you’re home you’re never alone. Our spying on all that you do, is an act we too wish were not true. You may think that our ongoing war on terror is more than a big, criminal error. But better be safe than suffer the knocks – just listen to Nugent or Coulter on Fox!

“We must keep safe the Homeland in the face of Terror, which is why we should thank Mr Geraldo Rivera (and don’t worry – you can trust him now as he’s practically white – he talks the right talk and fights the good fight) – explaining why young blacks in hoodies deserve to be shot: if you don’t get them first it is you who gets got!

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“Here’s how to profile them should you see them at night – if they make you uneasy or give you a fright… if they’re walking too fast or moving to slow… these are the indicators that let you know that they are obviously thugs begging for trouble, and beware of a pair as it only means double.

“We dragged them in chains from across the sea and set them to work in our stolen country. When they were slaves and knew their right place they did their work and kept to their race. But when the notion of equality came along they began to march and grew very strong. They said we were equal – all sisters and brothers, friends and neighbours, fathers and mothers – and set their sights on becoming like us. Then Ms Parks sat where she liked on that Alabama bus!

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“There wasn’t no need to cause such a fuss!

“The dark day came that proclaimed the end of segregation, the left-turning point of our God-fearing nation. Another day came when they got the vote and put a tight noose ‘round AmeriKKKa’s throat. Before you knew it they had the right to be armed – just look at the white folks who’ve been tragically harmed! There ain’t any doubt they’re holding a grudge: till their grievances get settled they ain’t gonna budge.

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“I know they will kill me if they get a chance and over my gravestone they’ll certainly dance.

“They want an eye for an eye and a life for a life, and that’s the reason there’s so much strife. They refuse to accept that US Whites are superior because they’re jealous and dumber and deeply inferior.

“They have apparently forgotten to remember their place, lacking intelligence, obedience and grace. The next time I find myself out at nighttime, like George I’ll forge forward in search of a crime. And if I see one of them skulking around, acting suspicious on a private ground, I won’t hesitate to reach for my gun, and only ask questions when the firing’s done.

KKK Lynching cartoon

“This country God founded belongs to WHITE MEN. It says so in the bible again and again. These uppity niggers are truly polemicists, getting in the faces of US WHITE SUPREMACISTS. And since they are not part of our race, we must do our duty – put them back in their place. Watching eternal from our ivory tower, they are fair game, WE HAVE THE POWER! And some day soon when they are all gone, we’ll celebrate and praise the Lord that we have won. GOD BLESS AMERIKKKA! Amen.”

– Anthony Raymond Cyst, Esq.

2013 WW