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Atheist Avenger – I do not mean to be offensive, just truthful: This is one sick, twisted muthafukka! Fukk him, fukk his stupid laws, and fukk the koran for being so easily misinterpreted!

Sultan of Brunei Introduces Islamic Lawsultana of brunei

Sultana of Brunei Introduces Islamic Law Including Death by Stoning and Amputation of Limbs / Brunei’s Sultana praises implementation of strict Islamic law as a fulfillment of duty to Allah

Creation Apologist – So sad that a 1300 year old work of literature can reduce humans to that level

Atheist Avenger – Whether they are humans any more or not is questionable. The hollowed out, soulless, heartless, mindless vessels of what may have once been a human… perhaps.

Creation Apologist – Well said. Adios

Muslimania – In over 1000 years the practice of this can be recorded on both hands,the law is there to deter murders and gangsters that monopolise on stealing.In America today u have the death penalty and I. The last 50 years more people have been put to death than the entire history of the Khlaifa!get ur facts straight!


Atheist Avenger – Do two wrongs make aright, do you think, MM?

Muslimania – AA the reason why the punishment is so severe is because the crime was so severe!the reason why the punishment existed was to deter the criminals!and the reason why it was practiced six times in a total of 1000 years of Khlaifa is because it does deter!and the reason why murder and crime is a business in other places in the world,well that’s because if ur brutal and have enough connections r money then the deterrence simply isn’t convincing enough!How many criminals re commit crimes!!!Jails in some parts of the world are club houses for criminal organisations where crime is planned outside prisons!!!!! Don’t have such a short sighted view on issues,there’s always a big picture!

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM?

Muslimania – When Ted Bundy the serial killer was captured and jailed,he then escaped and killed 6 more!if ted Bundy was killed straight away the six victims post his escape would be alive today!this isn’t about two wrongs!its about dealing with murders and criminals in such a way we as a society aren’t allowing the progression and growth of more murders and more criminals!

God Bless Hitler

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM? Please, stop wriggling – it’s unbecoming of your answer and disrespectful of my question. Thanks.

Muslimania – Let’s put all murders and criminals in one location to organise and promote their activities,Genius!Lets have 24 hour liqueur stores everywhere look how much alcohol related crime there is!lets have guns everywhere!AA seriously if u bothered ur ass to look at History and the detailed Laws of sharia ud see the wisdom and the reason for why the death penalty occurred so little over such a huge area of the world over such a long period of time!dont be another one eyed liar tool!

Atheist Avenger – I understand that, but do two wrongs make a right, do you think, MM? Please, stop wriggling – it’s unbecoming of your answer and disrespectful of my question. I will not be asking again, and if you fail to answer this third time, I think it will be obvious that you are evading the question… which leads to the next question: Why?

Muslimania – Killing a murder is not a wrong!!!!when laws r put in place that deter murders rapists and criminals that’s not a wrong!two wrongs don’t make a right has no context here!!!!For the sake of Justice and peace,laws to deter criminals are Right!hope u understand that ur back of a serial box expression doesn’t apply here.

Butcher those who insult islam

Atheist Avenger – Who the fuck are you arguing with? I see no other person on this thread (except CA, who left a long time ago). Where are you coming up with these statements you are putting in the invisible other person’s mouth? Oh yeah, probably out of your own ass as usual! Two wrongs don’t make a right has no context here, eh? You, my friend have jumped the shark and are now drowning in the putrid bowel-water spewing from your own forked-tongue. Let me try to explain it simply to you: The here IS the context, and the question remains. The fact that you will not answer speaks volumes. (WTF drugs are you taking: I really don’t want any of them myself as they obviously destroy your ability to reason and speak to the person in front of you instead of some straw man you have devised in your head that you can use like a ventriloquist’s dummy, dummy!) As CA likes to say: End of discussion. Except this was not a discussion… and it is only over unless you answer the question.

Muslimania – Ok AA,nice rant,so il gather that implementing laws that deter criminals is wrong and seeking justice against criminals is wrong but on the other hand crime is wrong and criminals are wrong!”do two wrongs make a right”that’s wht u keep writing!?so that’s Basicly the only format that statement u have stuck to makes!good for u AA,ur wisdom is mind boggling!!!!

Atheist Avenger – You said, in response to my post, “In America today u have the death penalty and I. The last 50 years more people have been put to death than the entire history of the Khlaifa!get ur facts straight!” Now, let that sink into that concrete head of yours…

America’s death penalty is wrong. Not because I believe it is, which is irrelevant, but because they claim (as muslim countries do) to be founded upon the teachings of their holy comic-book (the koran and the bible, the most heinous pieces of pulp fiction and poor literature ever written)… and both those teachings agree on this: Thou shalt not kill!

So… keep up… I was (as you well know, you slippery fish) saying that the fucktard in the picture and his new laws are wrong as well as the USA’s (aka: Universal Spying Agency’s) laws (killing people in the electric chair or by lethal injection) are wrong.

I’ll wait… take your time to digest.

Now, one more time: DO YOU THINK… ?


Muslimania – Shows how little u understand religion,ok firstly Quran states killing one innocent life is like killing the whole of humanity,Quran also has judicial laws,Quran is there to protect the weak and innocent and serve justice to criminals,Thou shalt no kill applies to INNOCENT,not Murders and Rapists!!!!!!Again when u remove the deterrence and accommodate criminals,crime evolves and because more frequent,facts again speak for themselves when prisoners are committing crimes outside prisons!!!!!!! U must have a very simplistic understanding of religion and life to know thou shalt not kill and think that applies to innocent and criminals alike!really bro that’s Stone Age thinking!iam shocked

Civilians islam




Muslimania – AA I always held on to the idea that ur a man always seeking knowledge and a little open minded but ur irrelevant irrational in ability to have a logical debate is beyond ur capability. Ur last post said it all,doooooh thou shalt not kill but dooooh u kill murders and rapists!dooohhhh two wrongs don’t make a right!u would be dangerous if u weren’t so irrational!

Atheist Avenger – Show me, o wise enlightened moron, where in the bible it says Thou shalt not kill… except for murderers and rapists! Show me or shut the fuck up you wankbag!

“…whosoever killeth a human being… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” did this go on to say “except for murderers or rapists? NO!

Again, the stupid too stupid to have any clue as to how stupid they are! Stop wasting my time with your infantile gibberish and get back on your knees, stick your butt in the air, and mumble obscenities to your filthy sky-daddy master, you self-proclaimed slave you! Have a nice day! J

Muslimania – And this is a prime example of no context not bothering to

Europe 9 11

Atheist Avenger – You can’t do it!

Fuck off now, brainwashed zombie-boy!

Muslimania – No context no Hadith headlines is all u know,there is a set of judicial laws in Islam derived from the Quran!Believe it or not AA the Quran doesn’t rate the murder and the innocent the same,and respect urself,insulting what is dear to me doesn’t help ur poor argument it just shows a lack of maturity on ur part!

Atheist Avenger – You can’t do it!

You should have shut the fuck up a good while back because the hole you’re digging just gets deeper and harder to crawl out of. Your brothers are going to be very disappointed with your ‘cop out’ answers and bullshit slinging on this thread, man. How in dog’s name are you going to live it down?

NOWHERE IN THE koran DOES IT GO ON TO SAY ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING ‘except for murderers and rapists’, AFTER IT CLEARLY STATES ‘…whosoever killeth a human being… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…’

INDEED, ‘whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…’



Muslimania – Like a moody arrogant teenager!ok AA how old r u 40 something?hopefully when ur 50 something u might be mentally past those temperamental teen years:)



Muslimania – AA please don’t be a parrot and repeat the one verse u know over and over again,as if ur lack of info is evidence that the Quran completely ignores the judicial laws that have been taken from the Quran directly and put in place threw out the Khlaifa.Laws on crime laws on marriage,laws of inheritance,laws on economic procedures are all there!please research well before commenting! Yeah AA whatever u say,not the fact the Quran and The living example of the Quran the prophet both clearly identifiy the laws that Khlaifa implemented for centuries are enough proof that the Quran identifies innocent people and those that commit crime are clearly dealt with differently but it’s ur headlines knowledge of knowing one verse that defines what the Quran says and ignores huge parts and completely ignores context and Hadith is the true essence of the Qurans message!whats ur conclusion AA?oh yeah religion says kill no one not even those that oppress and kill u!Heres a verse for u AA,Allah hates oppression!oppression is worse than fight so fight them until they stop fighting u!as in don’t just criminals run riot!!!!U r some ego maniac to try and impose ur limited ignorant uneducated view!Bro learn not to talk about things u know nothing about!

Sharia uk

Atheist Avenger – I’ll let you have the last (nonsensical) word! Sweet dreams! X

Muslimania – Logic and facts r nonsensical to those that r nonsensical:)

Creation Apologist – MM; would you be so kind as to tell me ONE prophecy the prophet foretold?

Muslimania – Only one?prophet was foretold before he came and he himself foretold the end of Constantinople,re born to Istanbul,the spread of the one Eyed liars,from country to country indoctrinating the masses,Freemasons symbol is the one eye it’s on the international currency the al mighty Dollar!the competition of the Arabs in Arabia building buildings to the skies,the ability of man to fly and travel long distances in short periods of time,there is books on the prophecys of the prophet!

Creation Apologist – Em not meaning to be disrespectful MM but they are guesses. That city is still there, a piece of paper with an eye on it is hardly an answer, people living in tents in the 6th century could easily see large buildings as the pyrimids were allready there 2500 years so THAT little prognostigation took no imagination. Would you care to be specific and SHOW me where this man actually said “man would one day be able to fly?” And kindly NAME the books – authors and publishers of these prophecies.Thanks

Muslimania – Khalid Salaby is the author of the life of the prophet,In Islam there is the Quran and the Hadith the Hadith is everything the prophet said or did.Regarding Constantinople,this was part of the Roman Empire the prophet predicted when Islam was at its infancy that Islam will overcome Byzantine empire the heart of which was Constantinople and it will become Muslim Istanbul!this prediction was made hundreds of years earlier. Every prophet warned against the anti Christ,the last prophet of God said its a system and a person,the of the anti Christ is the one eye,this Image is everywhere it relates to Horus ancient Egyption one eyed God,there is many prophesies on this system and things unfolding today relate to this system! Building in Arabia,Arabia was a Barron dessert until the 70s!The idea of skyscrapers being built in a desert seemed like an impossible concept no matter what the time! Hadith is everything the prophet said r did,the predictions within the Hadiths of the prophet are numerous?that is the source of knowledge the prophet gave us.


Atheist Avenger – CA, as you can see by the preceding thread, you will turn blue in the face trying to get a straightforward or comprehensible answer from this deluded, but otherwise delightful, not to mention ruggedly handsome, young man. Peace to you both – and may your own personal gods go with you! Apeople!  xxx

Muslimania – Name of the book,noble life of the prophet,Ali Al Salaby 3 volumes of this. Life of the prophet Muhammad by Anwar Al Awlaki,gives lectures and uses reference that u can then research to confirm. Hamza Yusuf,life of the prophet. Mustafa Zayed,book prophesies of Muhammad.

Creation Apologist – Thanks pal; Now I have the Koran, so page, chapter and numbered paragraph where your “prophet” said “man wuld one day fly in the sky”… take your time. PS Where did he say “skyscrapers?” Chapter and verse please; no waffle now.

Muslimania – CA,the Quran is the word of God not the prophet!The Hadith is everything the prophet said or did!Hadith has Volumes.Seeing that u have the Quran in front of you research miracles in the Quran and use the Quran as references.Use scholars I referenced as a guide to find all the info u want within the Quran and Hadith.Dr Zakir naik gives chapter and verse he’s much more knowledgeable than me,research this man he gives chapter and verse for the bible and Hindu and Buddist books.

Atheist Avenger – Told you, CA, you’ll never get a straight or understandable answer from MM. And since we’ve come this far I think it’s important for you to know what exactly you’re dealing with. MM admits openly and proudly, and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, that if it weren’t for the morals he claims to get from the koran, that he would murder, steal, rape and pillage… and not only that, thinks that civilized, educated men like ourselves would do the same. I hope that shines a little light on the issue for you, so perhaps you don’t waste your time going around in aimless circles with him. I only do it because… Well, that’s my job, I help lost people and those who are in need of education and/or large doses of personal evolution. No, please, no need to thank me. I was just born this way… It’s just who I am. Other than that, MM is a wonderful guy who I love strenuously and without regret. He may have the rugged physique and appearance of a grizzly bear, but inside he’s cuter than a white bunny rabbit with a pink nose and cotton tail!

Now, kids, it’s time for bed. Sleep tight… And if the monsters come, remember, hide under the blankets because as everyone knows, and as it says in the bible (so it must be true) that monsters cannot get you when you’re all snuggled up under the blankies.

Nighty-night! Don’t forget to say your prayers! Hugs & Kisses! Xoxox

Muslimania – AA unfortunately there is no book that sums up Islam like Islam for dummies r some sort of pop up book!that will Incompass History,law,science,social science and the entire life story of the prophet but hey not everyone is mature and able to research and understand the evidence of religion and the big questions of Life! without religion man becomes a Hypocrite!some examples,Drugs r illegal and wrong but alcohol is fine,Prostitution is illegal and wrong,one night stands are fine!stealing is wrong!interest is fine!self respect is important!yet we act and dress in ways we don’t get respect.As for those men that don’t see the hypocrisy and have said the hell with it everything is fine,well those people are selfish and don’t care what effects these hypocrisies have on others,only chasing self satisfaction!


Atheist Avenger – I rest my case. Now, go to bed!!!

Creation Apologist – MM, Good morning; You STILL have not shown me one prophecy the “prophet” is alledged to have said; Please MM DO NOT type one more word EXCEPT chapter and verse in the Koran to prove your phantasy. You are like Christians who say their priests have the answers THEY DONT and neither do your priests; As an example I will quote a Jewish Rabbbi Christians call Jesus; In 33 AD He told his mates when on a tourist visit to the Temple in Jerusalem; “See all this , the Romans are going to come and level it to the ground” The Romans came in 37 years later in 70 AD and under General Titus demolished the entire city as Jophephus and other historians record; Now Emir; THATS A PROPHECY I will answer NOTHING else to you unless you do your research and answer my SPECIFIC request. All the very best. sorry I forgot to give you chapter and verse in a dangerous 1900 year old book called The Bible; Its in the greek scriptures in a section called Matthew chapter 24 verse 2..(Read the entire chapter for historical context…) Also the COMPLETE WORKS OF FLAVIOUS JOSEPHUS. The Jewish /Roman historian who lived in the first century AD and was an eyewitness to the prophesied slaughter and carnage as the Jewish nation was led into bondage and slavery all over the Roman world AS PROPHESIED by that young man. Published by William P Nimmo in Edinborough Scotland in 1867. The three chapters I direct you to are from pages 522 to 570

Muslimania – Ok il try to make this as clear as possible,The Quran does not have the prophesies of Muhammd,the Hadith has all the prophesies of Muhammad!hope everyone is following so far,the Hadith has volumes!all u have to literally do is go to google type prophesies of prophet Muhammad and ul get a list of prophesies the sources chapters and page etc!

Man Dwell – i like the word bollixology, good argument peeps, but the real prob is not people who can argue a point, the real prob is people who are brainwashed early and believe that they are doing the right thing.

Creation Apologist – Correct. At least you have the courage to admit the Quran DOES NOT have ANY prophecies from the “prophet”…I am not interested and have had it with your Hadith written 300 years later which splits the Sunnies and Shites and gives them the visvious fuel to hate kill bomb and slaughter each others families. So YOU have failed as I predicted. You see knowledge is a powerful thing and frees us from ridiculous childhood religious nonsence. Goodbye and take care.

Muslimania – The person who wrot the second most volumes of the Hadith was the Prophets wife!so how exactly was Hadith written 300 years after the prophet!?secondly Quran has evidence that backs it up and Hadith has evidence that backs it up,u can just decide well if the type of evidence I want isn’t where I want it then that’s it!?to each their own,regarding Shia and Sunni that had to do with the political take over Sunnis saying Prophet left it to council to choose a leadership and the Shia said it has to be descendants of the prophet,it’s a political issue,Quran is the exact same universally Shia Sunni whatever,it’s peoples in ability to work together!Quran and Hadith work hand in Hand,Quran is from God,Quran states to pray,Hadith the prophet being the living example of the Quran would detail how to pray!etc. Also regarding the Quran and Hadith of the prophet,it’s down to how much u apply,when Muslims applied it more,Islam and Muslims where successful the less we apply it the worse off we are and history has shown that to be the case.

Atheist Avenger – When are you going to give us chapter and verse, MM? Why do you have to be asked the same question over and over? Don’t you understand how that makes you appear? Or do you not understand?


See, CA – nothing!

DeFitz – I’m pretty sure, given the amount of time left in existence, if I said something as vague as some of these prophecies you’ve mentioned, what I say would eventually come true. Doesn’t mean I’m a prophet or god or anything like it. Religion is.for the gullible so let them have it

Atheist Avenger – Agreed, DeFitz. I’ll let the have at it once the harm caused by their superstitions cease.

Creation Apologist – MM: SILENCE!

Atheist Avenger – CA, I take my hat off to you sir! You’ve managed to do something I’ve not been able to do with MM – shut him up! BRILLIANT!

Muslimania – Atheists r sooo funny!they are to arrogant ignorant and lazy to bother to do any real study,keep to ur headline clippings and superficial information!u guys r oblivious to the reality of the world and are simply indoctrinated by a system the prophet warned man kind about!Deaf dumb and blind!Maybe i can get u a pop up book for kids,more for your level of intellect,;)


Atheist Avenger – Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse! (Oooooh… he’s rising to our level. I’m scared, ain’t you boys scared? :()

Muslimania – Oh my God u guys r special!theres a million books on the issue go to google and pick i told u what to type and u WILL GET ALL CHAPTERS AND VERSESS U WANT!?R U TOO OLD TO WORK GOOGLE R TO STUPID!?iam done seriously,either u r slow r u cant work google!!!!

Atheist Avenger – Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse!

Muslimania – Hmar!

Atheist Avenger Chapter and verse! Nothing else. Chapter and verse!

Muslimania – figure out how to use google!

Atheist Avenger – CA quoted you chapter and verse from the bible, and he’s over 60. Are you too fucking weak to open the koran and then type the chapter and verse out, bitch?

Muslimania – AGAIN THE PREDICTIONS R IN HADITH NOT QURAN,hadith has many volumes with a great deal of predictions.Why is it so hard to read wht i wrote type into google and like magic everything will appear!u guys arent that old,dont need to be spoon fed yet!


Muslimania – u old fart,get it from google urself!i typd it up in two scond and had a list infron of me chapter and verse!u old fossil!:)

Atheist Avenger – We-eh-hell! Now lets get this straight. Your profit moohamhead supposably writed the koran. You said he made profisees. He did not write the hadeeth. So where the fuck are the predixions he made… err… in the koran? No. And, of course, he didn’t make any in the hadeeth because he didn’t write that piece of pulp fixion.

Atheist – 10
muslim – -8

Chapter and verse.

This is your last chance or everyone will be able to see that, as usual, you spew out empty rhetoric and when challenged throw little girly-pebbles and run away. I’d hate to be one of your bro’s on here for this. Indeed, now that I think of it, where the hell are they? Why aren’t any of them backing you up? Oh, I think I might know why. Now, you’ve proven your stupidity… but do you have enough cop on to know when to quit? I bet not…

Muslimania – Bro all jokes aside,r u slow?For the million time,Quran is a revelation,definition of which means it is inspired by creator,thus perfect and unchanged universally.Hadith is the day to day life of Muhammad pbuh that includes the predictions and many amazing accomplishments he done.Hadith has been composed by those u lived with him,eg his wife who gave details of the prophet and all the events and history that unfolded around him. if u ever bother to look up google ul see the chapter and verse and speak of all the predictions the prophet made centuries earlier or weeks earlier in his own life that lead to the success of a man who was a spiritual leader and a nation bulder,successful and both the spirtual and material level.Only man in History to be so


Atheist Avenger – See, I was right!

Fuck you, asshat. Chapter and verse! Or are you admitting your profit did not make any prophecies worth mentioning? (Apparently, you really haven’t a shred of intelligence left: the effect of your brain on superstition!)

Chapter and verse, now… or shut the fuck up!

Muslimania – AA i was just on Google u might of heard of it?i was going to get u exact chapter and verse but there is literally a long list just follow the step by step instruction to find chapter and verse if u still cant find it,i can get the book and mark every single prediction and give u the book next week in person. Step1 type into google prophesies of the prophet Muhammad step two open the page,step3 read whats in the page it will have chapter and page of numerous predictions!again if u have trouble working google il insure to get u a book and have the predictions highlighted,peace

Atheist Avenger – So, you are you admitting your profit did not make any prophecies worth mentioning? Ass hats like you who wrote the hadeeth just made them up! What a fucking joke you and your cult is! LOL! Love ya bbz X

Muslimania – AA ud rather argue this pointless point till the day u die,rather than actually bother looking at what is written,u have no interest what evidence is presented in front of u so iam gona end this pointless disscusion.Have a good evening,interesting as usual

Atheist Avenger – That’s because, unlike CA, you didn’t present any!


Atheist Avenger…/


There’s these religious extremist loons
Who are threatened by silly cartoons
If you make fun of their ‘god’ they’ll put you under the sod
So FORK them and muham-mad with spoons!
© ORP 2013

Creation Apologist – MM that is savagely unkind of you,; Many many Atheists are wonderful honest kind people. And, by the way, I am not an atheist!

© 2013 WW



Stupidity Homer's Brain,
Jack K
A friend of mine revealed his wife is pregnant; I told him; “The very best thing a father can do for his children in love their mother.”
Curious But what if she abuses them and shows them no respect or love, should he love her anyway?
Tweedle-Dumb – Curious, you might have missed the point or perhaps you’re working out your mommy issues on social media?
Curious – Tweedle-Dumb, thank you for your concern and erroneous diagnosis of my motivation for my comment. The point you missed is that I was seeking clarification of John’s comment so that I may truly understand what his point was. :0).
Tweedle-Dumb – Oh I’m not concerned I was just making the point that you have missed the point. Everyone’s experience is different but the broader wisdom being imparted is quite obvious and poignant. I don’t see the need for clarification, just some one trolling.
Curious – Is that what you do, troll? Are you suggesting that if a mother abuses her children and shows them no respect or love, that her husband should love her anyway? Interesting. Is there someone you may be trying to protect? Do you have children, Judah, and if so, do you attack them this way when they seek to clarify the meaning of a person’s statement instead of jumping to assumptions and misinformed conclusions?
Tweedle-Dumb – No Curious, I’m the person Jack imparted the wisdom to. Jack was there the day I was born and has been a constant in my life from that day to this. He has loved me and been there for me and my family for over 40 years. And yes I’m clearly advocating the abuse of children whilst the husband stands limply by. Your insight is quite exceptional. You should perhaps consider offering your insights professionally. Hoes that for a misinformed conclusion?
Curious – Pretty bad, actually. However, your suggestion to offer my insights professionally… well, that’s what I do for a living. I hope you get over your knee-jerk reactions to people who simply try to clarify the meaning of a statement another person has asserted and stop being so sensitive and passive-aggressive. I wish you well.
Tweedle-Dumber – Curious you know I was going to let this go, but I can’t. I guess Tweedle-Dumbs problem and mine as well, is that you seem to be taking Jack’s positive musing and free associating it to something negative. Should every light hearted silly piece of fluff, smeared with the grease of nostalgia, be up for counter point? Or is the point merely to set up an argument you can win? Or perhaps to just bait someone? If Jack made a Political, religious or emotive statement that offended or set up a place for debate, then I say have at it. But “Love their mother?” Really?
Tweedle-Dumb & Tweedle-Dumber.
Tweedle-Dumb – Ahh I thought I picked up on some street corner psychology, goal post moving! You’re inability to actually engage is a substantive way on the subject at hand is lame and transparent.
Tweedle-Dumber – Hey we pressed enter right after each other, but mine is more elegant
Curious – Oh,I get it!  You guys are joking. LOL! Well, do I feel foolish! You really had me going there, I mean, taking you seriously and all.
Tweedle-Dumb – No yours is stoopid!
Alice Oh dear!
Tweedle-Dumber – “A Wayan’s brother? Which one? There’s another one?”
Tweedle-Dumb – NO the points are well found Curious, we are being funny cos we all arrived at the same place to give you a verbal spanking. Which seems unfair. That said-side step side step
Curious You guys are so funny – like Canon & Ball! Lol
Goldmember True
Tweedle-Dumber – There is 3 of us Curious, if you are going to condescend, let’s not leave anyone out
Curious – Sorry, I guess I should have said The Three Stooges!
GoldmemberOh sweet. Haven’t seen something like this in ages. Carry on!!
Alice Nuck nuck!!!!!
Tweedle-Dumber – Haha. Very good. The fact is if you hang around Jacks page long enough, you will find something to debate hotly. Sorry John, But we disagree on a lot. But this kind of thing is punitive. You’re better than this Curious. It makes you look like a git. I bags being Larry
Curious – Sorry, stooges, I am unable to lower myself to this level of ??? humor ??? childishness ??? idiocy ??? Apologies for not knowing the word. Be well, and may you continue to make each other chuckle.
Tweedle-Dumber – Our levity aside, our points are sincere and well made. You do not attempt to address them because they are valid and you are, in fairness, well out numbered. Name calling is poor form of debate. I OBSERVE your form of debate is to subjectivity and free associate. It’s only Facebook banter and you’re still a pretty girl.
Tweedle-Dumber – Objectify
Curious – Like yourselves, boys, it’s really rather simple: Jack made a statement. I asked a question for clarification. You are both classic cases of people suffering with anal retentiveness which leads to this unnecessary and wildly off the mark over-analysis. BTW: If you care to look a little closer, none of either of your sentences actually grammatically make any sense. If your Zombie book is written as poorly as your comments on this thread, Tweedle-Dumber, it’s no wonder it never got published.
Tweedle-Dumber – I wrote the post in the dark, and what a mean spirited thing to say-coming from a person who claims they are paid by people to counsel their emotions. My goal in writing is simply to enjoy the task itself, not profit from it. I like myself very much. You however, have degraded into name calling and what you think will be a hurtful statement. Basically you’re a prick.
Curious – Now, you have stooped even lower than I could have imagined. You have made false accusations. If I have called you names, then back it up by cutting and pasting. Otherwise, go back and suck your thumb and cry on J’s shoulder.
Tweedle-Dumber – Here is my response to you earlier when you asked me to send you my book: I actually started a course in XYZ this month on counselling, I am hoping to get myself into college next year to pursue same. Being honest Curious, I don’t think they would be up to much. As I say, I write them for my own pleasure. But I do wish to be better, so if you want to send me your email (and promise to be gentle)- I would be happy to hear your feedback. I will check out your blogs for sure.
Curious – Tweedle-Dumber, that’s wonderful, but does not answer the fact that you have publicly made false accusations about me (which can be handled legally if you would like)… and you are unwilling/unable to provide the evidence for your claims. Either do so, or publicly acknowledge that you were mistaken and misspoke. An apology is not required.
Tweedle-Dumber – Using your frued like deduction,once the debate didn’t go your way, you chose to take a shot at where you thought would be a soft spot. “I am unable to lower myself to this level of ??? humor ??? childishness ??? idiocy ???” This the name calling. You are not a very nice person and I do not think YOU like yourself very much. As such I shall not longer respond to your spite and meanness
Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee
Curious That is not name calling. Asking what the level of the conversation is, is not name calling. Asking questions are not anything like you seem to think they are. Now, one more time, back up your claim or acknowledge your mistake. Failing either, I will proceed with legal action. The evidence has been recorded. Thank you.

Silencio 😉

© 2013 WW

Facebook Pretard!

JHFC! WTF?! And so on…

Offended Jebus

What is happening to Facebook people? Have they lost their mind? Have I lost mine? If you aren’t too busy posting meaningless nonsense, perhaps you’d read this short and bitter conversation and then give me compliments. If you can’t be nice, please say nothing. ;0) Just kidding! Go ahead, tell me what you really think. Give me your honest, no-holds barred, feedback. It’s okay, I’m an adult, I can take it. However, if you don’t like this, or it offends you… you can always unfriend me and threaten to report me to Facebook Authorities for harassment. 

So… A few years ago, this ‘person’, out of nowhere, ingratiates his way into my life. Being the kind of swell and neato guy I am, I welcomed him at face-value with proverbial open-arms. At some stage he friended me on Facebook. He would often put up posts about his work, asking for ‘feedback’, and I admit I may have set a precedent by sometimes liking his posts or making ‘positive’ comments (i.e., comments he found gratifying). Then one day I posted the details of a seminar I was giving (called Lie To Me – which, as you will see, turns out to be somewhat ironic, and I don’t mean in an Alanis Morissette kind of way) and he responded. The back and forth went like this (I have changed his name in order to avoid being snitched on to the Facebook Heavies):

SAK: Hi WW love to take part but I can’t afford it .I initially thought you were offering me a place on the cours as a friend. Thanks

WW: Oh – I am! I see I haven’t said that anywhere in our communication, so thanks for pointing that out. Please come along gratis – we’d love to have you there. Indeed, bring a friend if you like! Please confirm, though. Cheers! :0)

SAK: Thanks dude I’ll be doing my fencing class though so I can’t gurantee I’ll make it

Did you get a load of that?! You’ve got to admire the sheer audacity, right? I mean, we are not friends by any means, and he tries to put some kind of guilt trip on me and suggests that I lead him astray! Being the supernice and uber-understanding wanker I am, I went along with it, as you can see. Months later, this interchange took place:


SAK: i’m going out fri night with my new flame, its her birthday.. were also going to a charity ball the next friday at gibson hotel its a masked ball.. your welcom to come as well..I posted the link on my facebook

WW: Sounds interesting. Let me check on that. How much in?

SAK: its not cheap its a fundraising nite 50 bills in..a friend of my girlfriends organinsing the night its for disabled rugby players..things that we do for women

Can you believe this guy?

Well, it was just a prelude to the noise that would erupt earlier this evening on FB. SAK had just updated his self-promoting website (showing his photography, writing, video making, and art) and asked on his wall for people to check it out and give feedback. Always willing to help a friend (even if they aren’t a friend), I accepted the invitation. I visited his site, took a look around, gave it some thought, and furnished him with my sincere (and carefully worded) feedback. And that’s when the pathetic operatic climax came: Fart on a D-String (D for D’oh!) with a Mental Minor! And it sounded just like this…


(I would post a direct copy of my feedback, but SAK removed it before I had a chance to copy it. Anyway, this is a pretty close paraphrase):

WW: Just took a wander around your site, SAK. Good stuff! For what it’s worth, in my opinion your site would be even more credibly if the writing was ‘fixed’ up a little, you know – punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. Hope that helps. Keep up the good work!

I immediately noticed the typo in my message, and took the opportunity not only to fix it, but to make light of making a typo.

WW: That should have said “… your site would come across even more credibly”. Looks like we both could use a proofreader! 😉

It wasn’t long before I got a private message…

SAK: WW if you can comment with negative critical things can you do it as a private message please.. otherwise you just make people look like idiiots.. please refrain from posting directly on my wall please

WW: I am absolutely stunned! You asked for feedback: you did not specify that you only sought compliments. I hate to say this to you (and am open to the possibility that you are just having a bad day or a stupidity attack or both) but acting in this childish, ultra sensitive manner makes you look like an idiot without any help from me. You asked for feedback and I gave it – nicely and with care. It might be useful for you to realise that instead of accusing me of making you look like an idiot, you might thank me for taking the time to take your request seriously, take the time to look at your site, and then take the time to give you useful feedback based on the fact that your writing could be improved. By the way, did anyone tell you that you look like an idiot since I posted? Do you think I’m an idiot for the typo I made? Please help me understand as I’m at a loss. 😦

SAK: thank you ww for looking at the website..I just feel your comments were embarrassing for me so i deleted them and unfriended you as i dont like people writing stuff like that in public.. if you had done so in a private message it would have been fine. all the best sak

WW: SAK, you are an assclown. And I did keep my negative stuff to myself, but since this is private – I think your writing sucks, your pictures are juvenile, your video is pointless and vapid (like your puffed up head) and your photography is pretentious. Now, go find some sycophants to hang out with who can stroke your easily bruised outsized ego… if you can find any. Be well!

SAK: cheers have a lovely evening

Frog Therapist

WW: You complained recently that you were fed up that you couldn’t have a decent ‘real’ conversation on Facebook, that nobody bothered responding to your posts. I now understand why! Do you honestly not see how hypocritical you are being? How immature and spoilt? Seriously, you need to seek some help – your ability to think/understand/communicate is unbecoming of us both. Next time you put up a post like that, why don’t you just be honest? Write: Please give me compliments. Any constructive feedback that isn’t ‘nice’ will not be tolerated and you will be unfriended.

You won’t. You know why? Because you are not an honest communicator, and that, my friend, might explain a lot to you if you’d only get over yourself and give it some serious consideration!

And you have a lovely evening, too!

SAK: thanks again and i appreciate what your saying, i dont really want or have time to argue with you.. as I said if you had mentioned what you wrote in a private message you would have been fine..As much as I admire your honesty to comment you seem to have written what you did to get a reaction.. thats why i deleted them from my wall. you were looking for a reaction ( as i can see from your messages).. as they say dont wrestle with the pig they like it.. Im not going to respond to your remarks so thanks again for looking at the site.

WW: SAK, you are a pretentious little git! As for arguing with me, you wouldn’t have the ability. Now, go play with your crayons and suck your thumb. Asshat!

SAK: Goodbye ww..dont write to me again or |I shall complain to facebook about harassment

WW: Go fuck yourself, SAK!

Xmas Eve Henry st 019
And there you have it! And since SAK insists that I only gave him feedback to get a reaction… well, let’s not let him down, so, again, let me ask, what the fuck is it with some people on FB these days? Am I the only one who hasn’t been arrested by the PC police and promised to be part of their mutual-masturbation and verbal-bullshit society? Was I wrong to give feedback as invited? Should I have assumed (and made and ass out of the two of us) this twit was seeking only complimentary comments and praise he could preen and primp himself with? Please feel free to react, or better still, respond with your comments, feedback, criticism, outburst, or whatnot, but let me be specific: You can say anything you want! There’ll be no censorship here! Call me any name you like. Judge me any way you feel. Just do me one favor, okay? Be honest! Thanking you in advance 😉

© 2013 WW

PREFACE: There’s this woman on Facebook, you know the kind, who goes on and on about new age mumbo-jumbo all the time, talking in the style of speech you get from hanging around quacks, mystics, gurus and charlatans too long. Anyway, she (we’ll call her ER here) posted this picture today (with writing that made claims about how we were all going to reach a new level of consciousness and other humdingers!) and what ensued was foolish, funny and farcical. In my own defence… well, sometimes the batshit baloney must be met with a good dollop of gone-bad mayonnaise and a splash of mustard gas!


RUDE WEAPON: Why didn’t we do this with 11.11.11 or 10.10.10? Does this suggest that two devils or anti-christs on the way? Each 12 can be divided by 6 twice. That gives you six 6’s. And since 666 is the number of the beast (which, of course, it isn’t),  does that not then mean that you have 2 sets of 666: ergo 2 Beasts! Ooooh! Heh-heh-heh. LOL! They’ll be coming to town in a sky chariot… hmmmm… wait a moment… could it be true: Santa is just an anagram of Satan. OMG!!! 😉

AC and SO’C like this.

HELL: OMG your right, he right, omg ,,omg,……..!

RW: Stop up your fireplaces and batten down the hatches: the evil fat one is coming!

ER: it’s your memory…i can’t answer your questions. its your journey. have a nice day

PDF: Apparently people seem to believe that this is the last repetitive date we will ever have? Unknown to them dipshits is the date 01.01.2101 or 01.01.01

RUDE WEAPON: Then why do you make claims on my – indeed everyone’s – behalf? You could say ‘I will remember’ etc. have you any idea how frustrating it is to have people speak for you, then when you ask them to explain, they can’t or won’t?

ER: i share it with people i know feel what i feel…perhaps i do remember…you can unfriend me if you like. it’s your frustration you are experiencing. i am happy to remain friends but please be gentle with your words.

RW: Or worse: when you are American and an Irish person tells you to have a nice day?

ER: i say what i feel. half my family is american. it was meant with genuineness. i do hope it’s a good day for you. must run to work. it’s the anniversary of a family member so am a little sensitive today. take care

RW: Why do you speak in this way? It’s your frustration I’m experiencing? Did I Catspiritualitynot say that? Who else’s frustration could it be? Are you afraid of words?

ER: i am not going to argue. we see the world differently. this is how i speak. i am not frustrated. i love words. i write. must go. you dont like my posts. they frustrate you so you are welcome to unfriend me if you choose. must go. take care

RW: Who’s arguing, honey? Why do you tell me to be gentle with my words? And why do you always run away?

ER: because i am sensitive. i truly must go. it’s a family anniversary and i have to drop by work first. i have a lot
to juggle at the moment.

RW: Actually, I love them. They make me laugh. 🙂 Ok, go juggle!

ER: why dont you just meditate instead of leaving loud messages on my wall and perhaps you might find some answers there

RW: I meditate regularly, honey… and if you think I’m being loud… well, maybe you should go to Specsavers! (Somebody’s being loud when they USE ALL CAPS!). I practice two types of meditation two times per day: TM and Zen. When you get to a higher plateau of consciousness you will become less sensitive, less ready to make erroneous assumptions, and more able to effortlessly cope with anything anyone might say. Just remember, hon, it’s just a ride, it’s just a ride!

ER: Dont call me honey.

DOM: Unfriend&bar….

RW: Don’t tell me to have a nice day!

(I was defriended then and there!)

ImageRW: Wow, E – I can’t believe you did that! I will take full responsibility however for reading you wrong. I though you were a person who believed in spirituality and humanity and strove to understand and be compassionate. You can imagine my shock to discover that I was wrong. Since I’m not a mask-wearing, game-playing kind of person, I did not immediately recognise this in you. For an apparently ‘enlightened’ person, or a person ‘in touch’ with their ‘divineness’ or ‘spirit’, you sure act in an opposite manner: passive/aggressive, judgemental, assumptive and ready to censor those who challenge or disagree with you. Smooth move, Ex-Lax! Perhaps when your third eye opens and you can see the isness of the truth of what I am saying, you might begin to consider how ridonkulous you appear to those who do not claim to speak in pseudo-scientific, makey-uppy, woo-woo, new-age jabberwocky. You have probably never taken a moment to look at my About Me section but you will see that I am a ‘change specialist’ and when you are ready can help you help yourself to do so and enjoy the wonders and thrills of living in the real world, here and now, honey! Peace & Love O XXX

ER: I told you i am mourning the loss of a family member today and am particularly sensitive,

RW: No, you didn’t. Read back over what you’ve written this morning and you will find no such thing. I sincerely commiserate with you for your loss and hope you find solace soon… however, even under these circumstances, do you honestly think it gives you the go ahead to act like an eejit?

ER: in your reckoning. take care. i dont share your world view. period.Image

RW: You do not have the mental capacity to share my world view. If you ever get sick of speaking gibberish, crack open a science book and try to understand what it says. Good luck and may the fairies be with you! An enlightened being would have seen her mistake and apologised.

ER: i work as a therapist, actually. i dont like your world view so stop pushing it on me and you are welcome to not have to share mine.

RW: Really. What, Art therapy, Color therapy? What kind of bollixology therapy do you practice? Seriously, I am curious. You are so deluded, honey, that you don’t see that it is you who is pushing her unintelligible and idiotic world view on others. I do not make claims on your behalf. I do not do anything except ask you questions… but you always run away because secretly, deep down inside your vapid being, you know you don’t know what you are talking about. Reality doesn’t care what you like or dislike. If you choose your world view because you like it, not because it is true, then you really are in need of some accredited therapy! Be responsible: get some.

ABSOLUTELY NOONE: Stop now – your opinions are of no consequence – you are not going to change these peoples opinions so don’t interfere by imposing your own publicly upon them – simply block Ms. Rose if you do not wish to read her posts

The comment:
Owen Marshal (December 12, 2012): I meditate regularly, honey… and if you think I’m being loud… well, maybe you should go to Specsavers! (Somebody’s being loud when they USE ALL CAPS!). I practice two types of meditation two times per day: TM and Zen. When you get to a higher plateau of consciousness you will become less sensitive, less ready to make erroneous assumptions, and more able to effortlessly cope with anything anyone might say. Just remember, hon, it’s just a ride, it’s just a ride!

ABSOLUTELY NOONE: Hey, I don’t like this comment. Please remove it.

The comment:
Owen Marshal (December 12, 2012): Why didn’t we do this with 11.11.11 or 10.10.10? Does this suggest that two devils or anti-christs on the way? Each 12 can be divided by 6 twice. That gives you six 6’s. And since 666 is the number of the beast (which, of course, it isn’t), does that not then mean that you have 2 sets of 666: ergo 2 Beasts! Ooooh! Heh-heh-heh. LOL! They’ll be coming to town in a sky chariot… hmmmm… wait a moment… could it be true: Santa is just an anagram of Satan. OMG!!!

RW: And may I ask who you are, Mr No one?

ABSOLUTELY NOONE: My name is Noone – it is on my passport – I am ER’s fiance

RW: You are a weirdo if you ask me. Where do you get off telling me what to do, ya punk?!

ABSOLUTELY NOONE: That’s fairly hypocritical

RW: Your name is on your passport? What is wrong with you people? Earlier I was told – after saying that I was feeling frustrated – that the frustration I was experiencing was my own? What in dog’s name are you people on?


ABSOLUTELY NOONE: Yes Noone not no one – what does it matter what you or I am on – this conversation is boring me now

RW: I was bored and have been asleep since you opened your silly mouth. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ;/ What I have to say is of no consequence… yet here you are/were engaged in communication with me. Talk about hyprocrisy and stupidity and the pot calling the kettle black all at the same time. Listen: You two seriously deserve each other. Breast of duck as you jump the broom and move forward on the ground on the path that takes you on your journey to the land of Oz where the Wizard is a pathetic little man behind a curtain. And the Lion says: ‘I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do believe in spooks!’ (See, I can even type in my sleep!) Stop wasting my time. I will waste no more time on no one!

ABSOLUTELY NOONE: Stupidity? – enjoying alternate spacing of my name? Weirdo? Punk? – profound man – really profound Keep well and goodbye

RW: Wow, man, like, groovy, dude! It is bye and I suppose that is good… so, yeah, okay, like, bye! Peace & Love 😉

Rick shared a link8-year-old to Bachmann: ‘My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing’ | The Raw Story

Leo: How about, instead of discriminating against gays, we discriminate against those who discrimnate against gays? Let’s start with the bitch above and her gay husband. Who’s with me?

Rick: Leo..u were doing good until the bitch part…

Shirley: ‎^ agree with rob the “b***h and er gay husband” part is discrediting

Leo: WTF? She is a bitch. And her husband is gay. Discrediting to whom? I have no understanding of what you guys are saying. I live in Ireland where we call a spade a spade. What’s wrong with that?

Rick: Leo, i think you’re a great guy. love your comments ..b…h is a derogatory/demeaning term for women, like using fa..t for a gay person…times change, and so do we.

Shirley: combating discrimination with terms that stem from a derogatory/discriminating nature only creates an ugly web of more discrimination of another form. Gay is a word used to discrminate as is the other. use of them discredits an argument against uour poin. But ignore me im just a lowly college student.

Leo: I’m trying to understand you, Rick: when you say ‘we’, who, specifically, do you mean?

Billy: Be careful here. Gay is not always used in the pejorative. It is called the lgbt movement remember. I know many gay men who prefer the term gay to homosexual. That said, it is important to NOT use the word as a term of derision.

Leo: Is somebody jumping to the erroneous assumption that I used the word ‘gay’ as a term of derision?

Billy: I think the assumption sprang from the pairing. When you use one extremely insulting phrase in tandem with another descriptive phrase, it is common for that association to be made.

Leo: I appreciate that Billy, and that may be so. I would like to hear from Rick, though, and Shirley. I respect your view, but, in my view, their are no extremely insulting phrases or bad words. There are, I’ll admit, those who interpret words and phrases to be insulting or bad. I ask those people to be mature and own that. If they want to know what another person meant, perhaps they should ask and not jump to incorrect conclusions… no?

Billy: It’s a shame that there isn’t a word for: “Obviously sexually confused individual who tries to bury their own proclivities behind a thin veneer of religion and homophobia”, then you could have used that instead.

Rick: in ‘we the people’ , I can be pretty out there at times on FB with my comments, I like to be personal and intimate with my FB Friends, at the same time it’s not like we are down the pub knocking back pints and letting it rip. and …miss Malone, if i ever hear you, an amazing, talented, beautiful young lady..who has a huge headstart with a great Irish to yourself as ‘lowly, u will be defriended and i will have Mary take u to the woodshed..;-)

Leo: So, you speak for the people, eh? I wasn’t aware of that, Rick. I read what you said, but nowhere in there did I glean an answer to my question. So, I’ll repeat it: Did you make the incorrect assumption that I meant the word ‘gay’ as a term of derision, or did you not? I would like to be clear about that. Thanks.

Rick: Leo, I use bitch as in ‘life’s a bitch’, or ‘bitch slap’ but the combo of shes a bitch ‘ doesn’t work. and i think gay is the correct term used by gay and straight alike. i love how the Irish are ‘live and direct’, and i get called on that… all the time, and yes, we have no problem ffing and blinding, it’s part of the vernacular, but drogatory terms don’t work for me. and i have no problem with your use of the word gay. remember..i grew up watching gay byrne, our johnnycarson.. ‎’we the people’ is the preamble to the american constitution..often used for ‘john public’, or ‘the man on the clapham omnibus’…dunno what they use in Ireland anymore…

June: Leo – in this instance we could equate B***H to the N word!

Leo: No, June, in this instance you can equate bitch with the word nigger. I know what I meant and I really could give a flying fuck at a rolling donut what someone who doesn’t know me or even asks what I mean comes on to me with judgemental advice. I usually say to those people ‘go fuck yourself’, but since everybody on this thread seems to be so overly sensitive I wont’ say that to you.

Rick: Sorry Leo, your outta here. this is getting close to hate speech, making my stomach churn. I am all for plain speaking and not gilding the lily, but using terms that most reasonable folk and certainly my friends on here find disgusting does not work for me. i can’t control what you think or say, but I do have some control over what goes on my wall.

Leo: Well, before you turn me off, Rick, maybe you should pull your head out of your ass! What a bunch of condescending assholes you and some of your friends have turned out to be. Pity, because I was beginning to like you. Adios! And next time you jump to conclusions and make assumptions, I hope you don’t break a leg or hurt somebody’s ass! Hehehehe! *time* BTW: You still never answered me. Is that you being cowardly?

June: Leo – When one has to reduce to profanity to express themselves, it shows that their level of vocabulary is limited.

Leo: Wrong again, June. Christopher Hitchens, a man with arguably the best vocabulary in the world today (in English anyway) argues against what you said. If you’re open to being educated, you can find it on YouTube. The ignorant, oddly enough, are usually the ones who disdain education. Also, if you can read my writing and tell me I have a poor vocabulary, you must be an idiot!

June: Whatever……………….

Leo: Great comeback! June, you are a star. You’ve so wonderfully proven my point. I invited you to get better educated and the best you could come back with, like an ignoramus on the Springer show, was ‘whatever’!!! Thank you so much. 😉

Rick: man brave..him doan know who him is messin ‘ wid…mount a posse and head over to Dublin, u can get plenty tar n’ feather!

June: No need to head over, one phone call! lol

Conan: anyone who takes Bachmann seriously has a smaller IQ than their shoe size

Rick: conan..u backed off the shot…was sure u had something else in mind than IQ..Lol.!

Lisa: Gosh Rick… stay brave and true to yourself and never mind the thrash talkers♥

Rick: lisa..this guy was ‘easy’…but he was msg. me after i defriended him, real nasty..wonder why he gets so angry.? now if u were upset with me, ‘hol different ball o’ wax babe..

Lisa: You know Rick, we are always able to resolve our differences of opinion… as long as you agree with me ;p

© 2011 Wordwurst

Can You Handle The Truth?

There’s this guy in Dublin (usually to be seen on Henry St.) who sits on the ground with jacket over legs, barefooted, shivering and crying. Having had a number of encounters with him, I have come to learn that he is acting. And, to give him his due, he’s a very good actor at that. In fact, so much so, that not only do people give him money (often in notes), they also go into a shop and buy him gloves, shoes, blankets, etc.

Today, as I walked past him, I told him that he might be more successful (i.e., make more money) if he became an actor because he is very talented. He sneered at me, knowing I know his little secret. Anyway, as I passed, I happened to look back and caught sight of a woman giving him money and a scarf from a bag.

As I entered the Jervis Centre shopping mall, I noticed the young woman behind me. Feeling sorry she’d been conned, and with the intention of marking her card, I asked her if I could tell her something. She gave me permission. This is how the short conversation went…

“Maybe you’d like to know that the guy you just gave that money and scarf to is just acting. He doesn’t – ”

“I don’t care,” she said loudly, cutting over me. “It makes me feel good helping the poor.”

“Sure,” I said. “I understand that. I’m just telling you that he isn’t poor. He’s acting. It’s a scam.”

Speeding up to get away, she turned and said, “I don’t want to know the truth. If it makes me feel good, that’s all that matters.”

“Hey no sweat,” I said. “As long as you know you are deluding yourself…”

She was lost in the crowd. I’m certain she didn’t hear me.

I think she managed, in her last comment, to sum up the truth for so many people. I don’t think I’d have believed anyone would have said what she said had I not heard it with my own ears. But I do believe I have a better understanding of people now, and don’t feel too much better for it.

© 2011 Wordwurst

Rude Weapon, after posting a comment on his Facebook wall about the appearance of a representative of Medjugorge on the Late Late Show (RTE), was approached by one of his ‘friends’, E-D (short for Teddy), and asked to stop posting things E-D didn’t like and go back to posting things E-D did like. The following ‘truly epic’ conversation ensued, with the odd observer putting in their two-cents worth! (Names have been changed to protect the idiotic!)










Rude Weapon: Napoleon Bonaparte appeared to me in Stephen’s Green a week ago and continues to do so on a daily basis since, telling me that god told him to do it and, impressively, wearing different outfits each time. Can I get on the Late Late and be treated with deference and respect? I have just as much evidence for my claim as that Yugoslavian woman has for hers? PS ~ I know the answer: I CANNOT get on. It’s just that I do not understand the difference. Can anyone enlighten me?

E-D: Dude, I’ve been questioning why I put up with so much scroll time seeing ur stuff cos I reckon I’ve got ur point on religion now mate cos i bin bombarded like a jehovan relative lol but ideally I’d love to see more of the creative Rude Weapon. U actually come across like a preacher just anti God Too much religion just by discussing it eh.. C’mon back the poet & writer please 🙂

Rude Weapon: Thanks for your feedback, E-D. I’ve been putting up poetry a lot recently, maybe you missed it. Now, you’ve got me curious… did you find out why you pay so much scroll time looking at the stuff I put up about religion? And, also, did you give any thought to the question above that you commented on? Always interested in your opinion. And cheers for the thumbs up about the writing ;0)

E-D: Sorry man Ur not following me I’m not into ur anti religious drive. Ur business Not mine. I been q’in whether not to take u off my list as its like watching streaming ads constantly as torture might feel.Ur on the wrong channel here. Tanx 4 listening

Rude Weapon: I’m not into your promotion of Deepak Chopra and other New Age stuff, either, dude. But you know what I do now? I just don’t look at any of the stuff I don’t want to look at. Do you think I should take you off my list?

E-D: The old saying is ”ifur not part of the solution,…..etcUr words are full of negatives Not positives. I like ur input dude & always liked you, even if u did change ur name but in recent months u’ve become well too fond of propaganda tactics to woo ur NETWORK. No offense Rude, I respect u but I wasn’t saying thumbs up tour other efforts… Just they were better than the anti religion banter. Cheers & good night & as Dave Allen used to say….. May ‘Your’ God go with you Ps ~ if I piss u off even slightly I strongly urge u to take me offur friend list !

Rude Weapon: Yeah, I know the old saying, and it’s wrong. If you think that there’s a solution, you’re the problem! I’m not into this positive/negative thinking stuff, so we’re on different wavelengths there. When you say you like my input, I don’t know what you mean. I thought you were saying ‘negative’ stuff about my input. I didn’t change my name, I just use a different one on this profile. If you’re trying to woo your network (whatever that means), okay, but assuming that is my purpose here is incorrect. If you think I give a hoot about whether or not somebody gives me a thumbs up or down… well, again, whatever you’re having yourself and all that. So, why do you spend so much time on my posts if you have a problem with them? When something is on TV I don’t like I just change the channel. I do, contrary to what you might believe, value your feedback and will mull it over some more to see if there’s anything else I can learn from it. Cheers to you, too, Eddie – and as John Lennon said: God is a concept by which we measure our pain! PS: You don’t piss me off at all. Why would I let you piss me off?

E-D: It streams past my ph more than anything else. I Hav sky so I don’t watch ads lol Maybe that’s it  Hahahaha









Rude Weapon: Can I get some of whatever you’re smoking, dude?

Hiliarious Lady: This is great… an alternative debate!! Personally, I read what I like, and ignore what I dont, Dont have the energy to get worked up about anything on fb. Have to say..I havent seen any poetic posts from you, Rude. would like to read some of that… also have to say, I love your pics of our fair city! If you’re not Rude Weapon, who are you? And as for E-D…or is it Eddie…need I say more???

E-D: I am both & more…..endlessly lol Honestly Rude, I think you’ve had enough lol

Rob: Napoleon pulls his Bonaparte. Looks like his girlfriend left him

Rude Weapon: Hi Hilarious Lady – that is really funny what you said! ‘Alternative debate’ LOL! :0) You sound a bit like me – read what you want, ignore the rest. Unlike Eddie and myself, you don’t get worked up over anything here on FB. Eddie, I think, feels upset because many of the people and things I talk ‘negatively’ about here on FB (that woman from Midgeeorgee, Mother Theresa, Deepak Chopra, New Age nonsense, angels, miracles, gods, etc) he is ‘positive’ about and takes what I say as a personal insult to him or something. Some people are interested in whatever makes them feel good while others are interested in the truth. Different strokes, eh? In the face of cold hard facts, some people cling to the conclusions they’ve drawn tight like curtains… and I understand that – the truth can hurt sometimes. To each his own. I’m glad you like some of my pics of our Fair City. Some people say I make it look better than it really does. I disagree: I make it look much better than it really does! If you would really like some poetry, I will be happy to email you a link to a blog or two. Now, who am I if not Rude Weapon. Well, in fact, I am Dupe Wear On – or at least, would’ve been had my father’s mother stayed married to his original father. Complicated, I know. The name Eddie (the name I know E-D by) knows me by Dupe Wear On. You seem to know a lot of the same people I do – do I know you? Are you from Dinklalonc, too? Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by. Now that Eddie knows about the option of simply paying no attention to any post he doesn’t like, I don’t think we’ll be having any more of the above kind of stuff! Cheers! 😉

E-D: It wasn’t the way you do it….. Or what the content was or is… Far from it…. It was the way I have to spend soooooooo much time scrolling past it….tired of being brain washed by u as I would if I had listen to a Jehovah witness for a week solid & suggested u bring back the old Rude Weapon cos the new one is boring me. You didn’t really read what I was saying…. U seem to miss the point ! I had contemplated dumpin u as a result…. It occurred to me that it was only fair to say it to you first. No need to hide me Rude…. I’m not lost Cheers & so long

Rude Weapon: Why are you repeating yourself, Eddie? I understood every word you said… well, up until you started speaking nonsense. Perhaps it is you who continues to miss the point. You know exactly what to do if you don’t want to waste any more time scrolling. When you say, ‘no need to hide me, I’m not lost’… well, the meaning of that is lost on me. Bye now. Be well! BTW ~ I’m sincerely sorry for boring you. How would you like me to entertain you in the future – that is, if you don’t ‘unfriend’ me, which is like, totally unthinkable, dude. Please, don’t run away with your ball and leave me standing here all alone. Just tell me how to act and speak and I promise I will try to change my ways for you!

E-D: U presume too much Rude Uve never seen me upset Make an ass out o u & me But especially u Dumpin u from my friend list cos it’s a boring debate when the other side isnt listening ! …Mayb u Shud re read wot I’ve typed above Best o luck to you

Rude Weapon: You believe in luck if you want, Teddy. Goodbye my old pal… I’ll miss you. X

Hugh: This has been truly epic.

© 2011 Rude Weapon


‎”Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.” 1 Samuel 15:22

(Although the following Facebook conversation is real – verbatim – names have been changed to protect the idiotic!)

Wordwurst More absolute meaningless gibberish! It is better to obey ‘whom’? And what sacrifice are you referring to? If god told me to kill my child, Samuel is saying that it would be better to obey than sacrifice? Sacrifice what? My child? I’ve heard mentally retarded children make more sense. What kind of sick, twisted mind can understand/believe in this Samuel asshole? Oh, I get it! Just mindlessly obey because if you try to understand you’re brain just turns to mush! It is better to hearken than the fat of rams? WTF?!

Charmley Context – Saul, Israel’s king under God, was given a specific order. He disobeyed and thought that he could cover it up by religious acts. One sentence taken from a speech is indeed rather difficult to understand. Put it in the context of I…srael in the period, and it makes sense. What is being said is that you should not think that God is pleased with you just because you’re going to Church when you’re also doing wicked things. Application: if you are fiddling the books, your going to Church will not make God pleased with you!

Wordwurst Which god?

Charmley Come on, this is a Bible quote, which do you think?

Wordwurst I believe only in the Luscious Lesbian Leprechaun goddess – the giant babe that gave birth to this whole universe. I have a book that tells the whole story. The bible is just made up.

Trevor  Is this guy for real or is he just a joke?

Wordwurst That’s exactly what I used to think when told about Jesus!

Trevor  Demonstrates Romans 1.

Richardson Certainly Wordwurst wouldn’t believe the only sufficient rule of faith, what arrogant apostate would?

Wordwurst Faith is a crutch for those who cannot face reality. Believing in things you have no proof for! Deluding yourselves with your fairy-tales. And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, spreading it like a virus to others. Now – that’s arrogant. To hell with faith. Give me truth!

Trevor  What is described is not faith but credulity. Faith, biblical faith, has specific content. Without that content it isn’t faith. You may object to the content, but slander, misrepresentation and mockery are not refutations, mere cant.

Wordwurst Can! Calling the truths I’m pointing out about your harmful and silly dogma slander, misrepresentation and mockery does not distract from the fact that people who believe in made-up, baseless superstitions, are deluded fools – like politicians – giving empty promises, telling lies to protect their guise… living quiet desperation lives! Let me ask you a serious question and see if you can answer straightforwardly, okay? What will happen to me when I die, based upon your ‘book’?

Trevor  I suspect you know the answer to your own question! Reading through your missives it is evident you merely engage in sneering without actually having a rational, intelligent, reasonable argument. What you need to do is ask what does Christianity teach. Then ask, does it stack up with Scripture. Then proceed to challenge from your own unbelief. Thus far it’s just what I said – mere cant and nothing more.

Baptist Church Dear Wordwurst, the wonderful thing about the word of God is that it is so clear about this question of what happens after death. If I believe in the Son of God I will enter eternal bliss. If not, eternal hell. Thank God, by his grace I will one day see him and be like him for I shall see him as he truly is! I pray you will be there too! Mark.

WW Thanks for answering. So, if I can not believe in this particular god of yours, he will banish me to eternal torture. Do you think that is moral?

Baptist Church If you had a dog and it never did what you wanted it to do and it started to bite your children, would it be morally acceptable to get rid of the dog?

WW I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions after I get clear about where you’re coming from. If I cannot believe in your god, do you think it is moral that I punished eternally for a finite crime? Do you think I deserve that? In your opinion, is it moral?

Trevor  So, you didn’t answer the question. Same old same old. Whinge, complain, mock and sneer, but not answer the question. The reality is, you cannot account for anything. You begin with the presupposition that authority rests entirely with you. …In your closed box you see nothing, hear nothing, your ‘discoveries’ and reasoning are all within that closed box. The Christian by contrast has a different presupposition. Using the previous illustration- the lid is open to let in the light. Yours is the closed mind, the Christian has the open mind. What you need to do is to repent for your sins.

Baptist Church WW, It is of no relevance where I am coming from. Your question was, what does the Bible say? I told you. You say you “cannot believe”. But is it not the truth that you do not want to believe? I do not know what you deserve. I am not your judge. I know that I only deserve hell apart from the grace of God in Jesus Christ. The call of the gospel is there for all who will hear it. May the Lord open your heart to his truth for his mercies sake. Mark.

WW Why do you continue to sidestep my simple question? What you need – if you want to continue this conversation – is to answer my question. Same old dodging the questions I always get from arrogant gits like yourself. You’re the one beginning… and continuing with presuppositions and I am seeking to understand. I’ll ask you once more and we’ll both know what’s happening if you are to frightened again to answer. If I cannot believe in your god, do you think it is moral that I punished eternally for a finite crime? Do you think I deserve that? In your opinion, is it moral? You claim that you don’t know what happens to me if I cannot believe in your god. You lying sack of crap! You know damn well what your contradictory book says. You’re just too scared to go down this road of inquiry with me because you know where its going and you’ll do anything to avoid it – like continue to to talk nonsense. What a coward!

Baptist Church To answer simply, Yes!!! Any crime against God is not considered finite. “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish” But I am sure you know the answer already!!

WW And do YOU think it is right/just/moral for any human being to be tortured in eternity for the finite ‘sin’ of not being able to believe in ‘god’?

Baptist Church I already answered that question. You need to read more carefully. Or maybe nothing that I would say would satisfy you? Why do you waste your time with people like me if you think I am so useless?

WW It’s not the same question. If you read more carefully, you’d see that. The difference is – do YOU think it is righ/just/moral. The truthful answer would satisfy me. And is it not you who is beginning to feel he is wasting his time with me… thinking you cannot convert me?

(after much time)

WW Yeah, I thought you’d both bail when the questions got difficult. ARBC – you are a bad parrot. Trevor, you are a simpleton prancing around behind what you think are cleverly constructed sentences. Being gay, how do you reconcile the bible’s insistence that homosexuals are an abomination? You should be out of the closet and out in the community helping other people like yourself to be proud of who they are – of what their parents and evolution made them. Lennon was right: god is a concept by which we measure our pain. Trevor, you must be in hell already. You need any help just let me know, kay? Now, enough of both your foolishness! See if you can speak for the next 48 hours without parroting your scriptures or mentioning god once. Betcha can’t! Brainwashed zombies have better thinking / reading / concentrating skills than the two of you put together! If that’s what being a christian is (a follower! – who wants to be a follower anyway? sheeple?) you can count me out. I lead and create my own path, thankyouverymuch! :0) ToodlePip!

Trevor  Your blurb is, sadly, like yourself, confused. Which is why you never actually answer anything. You merely throw invective because you have nothing. You raise the strange issue of sodomy. It is wicked and contrary to the faith. See Romans 1….Until you repent your thinking will remain irrational.

WW Sidesteppin’, pussyfootin’, the old soft shoe! You’re a wonderful little dancer, Trev – did you know that? If you find anything about my blurb confusing it is because your damaged/brainwashed mind is what is confused and in a state of delus…ion. I will, as I already said (what, you got a poor memory too?) happily answer any questions after you answer mine. If you are too much of a wallflower to do so, just admit it and you can give up. Otherwise, why not pretend to be a man and answer… mmmkay? (PS: You raise the issue of me raising the issue of sodomy… no, not really. I raised the issue that your filthy book asks for homosexuals like yourself to be put to death for being what god made them. How f*&^$d up is that? Even though suffering a deep and dark repression, do you really think the homosexuals god made – since he made everything – should have to be tortured for eternity for their finite crime? I mean, you actually claim to go along with that and think it is moral and just?) So, there you have it – the same question again, in another form. Answer if you can. Recant if you can’t!

Trevor  Phew. Let me repeat myself clearly.
1. Scripture lays down the way if salvation
2. That is the path we are to take
3. It’s ethics we are to follow
Your innuendos are false. Period

WW Yes, please, try to be clear this time.
1. Yes, but is it morally right?
2. Says who? The morons who wrote the book full of idiocy and contradictions? Talking snakes, man living in the belly of a whale, an all powerful god who cannot fight iron?
3. Who’s ethics? Those of the cretins who wrote the most hateful and dreadful book of all time? Worse than the Koran?
You’re presuppositions are built on bullshit. Full stop!
When are you going to stop being a sheep and think for yourself and stand up for who you really are, proud and with a straight spine? Stop letting down your side, Trev, they need you and you could really help… if you only had the guts. :0(

Trevor  I do not know what you mean. Clearly you are getting worked up- hence the expletives. Your duty now is to repent of your sin. Believe the gospel. Turn from sin. Cast off the unfruitful works of darkness and sin.

WW It’s no good talking to you, is it? You are like a broken record: repent, repent… how boring. Even if I could believe in your made up god (which I can no more do than believe in Santa) I would choose to give him the finger anyway. Satan is more noble and profound than the Abrahamic god – who’s kill count is astronomical compared to the devils! You think this is love and mercy – you keep it, if you like that sort of thing. Me, I would gladly spend eternity with Satan than with your god who would have me worshipping him all day! What a sad and pathetic little creature with a poor self-image and an out of control ego!

Baptist Church WW, I do not mind any argument you want to use but if you continue to use offensive and rude language I will have to delete you from my friends list. Please keep things at some level of decency. Mark.

WW Honestly, BC, I do not know what you mean. What offensive or rude langauage are you referring to? If you choose to interpret my words that way – well, that’s your right, I guess. For what its worth, I find your way of communicating to be …ignorant – but I don’t let it offend me. I am responsible for my feelings, not you. If you want to stick to the conversation and answer the question, let’s move on. If you want to use ‘being offended’ to take your ball home, so be it. What’s with the constant threats? ‘You’re going to go to hell!’, ‘I’m going to delete you’… ? Can’t you just stick to the discussion?

Baptist Church You are the one who brought up the whole issue of where do I think you are going when you die. Are you that worried about it? You must be I think.

Wordwurst Why would I be worried to return to the place I came? Black, unconscious nothingness. Peace. No fear. No pain. What I simply would like to know is do you think it is moral or just for me or anyone to burn for eternity for not believing in the god you promote? It’s a pretty simple question… ;0)

Baptist Church Yes, I do!!

WW Well, then that’s that. If you believe that, there’s something seriously wrong with you. No finite crime deserves infinite torture. The fact that you believe it does… what does that tell you? I mean, you’re saying that even if your very own child could not get him/herself to believe in this all merciful god, you’d agree that would be grounds for her eternal suffering. As a therapist, I would advise you to seek a professional. Imagine, as a result of not knowing your own moral compass, you will be steered by that of a ‘someone’ else you’ve heard tell of from people you’ve never met. If you do have children, I hope you don’t try to persuade them that that’s a good lesson for life. Only those who are morally bereft can cling to the disgusting morals written in a book by superstitious nincompoops!

Baptist Church Your use of the term “finite” is misleading. It is not the duration of the sin but the one to whom it offends that counts. If I murder someone in a moment of time I am worthy of death as a result. The gravity of all sin is that it is committed against an infinite and eternal God. My confidence is in the justice and mercy of this unchanging God. As Abraham said: “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?”

WW Seriously, I don’t give a flying f*&k at a rolling donut what Abraham said. I know what’s right and wrong and don’t need you or any badly written book to tell me otherwise. If you need it, so be it.

‎© 2010 Wordwurst


Chucky: Doug, I think its wonderful how you thought you were out the door to do some coke and then God lead you back to hear more about Jesus. You can’t realy stay away can you? Let me know when your born again.

Jeffrey: Whether you’re talking to the snow, the smoke, or the needle, the end result is the same. You in a small box and you don’t have the key. You rant against everything because it is the only way you can attempt to confirm to yourself that you… still have an identity. You know I know by what I say.

Doug: Sorry, Chuck, wrong again. Just made a call and had all the bitches and the party relocated here. We’re all laughin’ our asses off at the assinine bullshit you and your creepy friends continue to spew forth. I guess me and satan have managed to make you all stay here and face a little truth about yourselves. Let me know when you grow more braincells, a spine, and lose the sheep mentality, mmmmkaayyy? ;0) And, not, Jeff, I will not end up in a small box being slowly returning to the maggots from which you came because I am going to be stuffed and stay in my master’s house. When he croaks, well, then I hope a little boy buys me in a taxidermy shop! Whoof!


Sampson: Doug, what is love and what meaning does it possibly carry in an Atheistic materialistic world? Don’t you suggest we are all matter, falling through space? What different does it make one person loves another, or shoots them?

Doug: Ah – you just keep coming back for more! Yes, I know that you know of which you speak in this case, you ex-junkie, you! I do not, however, rant against everything, just mainly the hateful disease and evil lies you and your onerous religion spreads. And since you are not familiar with hearing the truth, it’s understandable you’d confuse it for a ‘rant’. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good old rant now and again… or a bark, or a howwwllllll!

Sammy baby – you’re question only goes to illuminate the fact that you are assholistic (meaning, an asshole at every level) and a total idiot as well. I guess a mind as small as yours can’t handle the complexities of living in the real world. If you think there’s any love to be had by believing in a book that says that it’s okay for one human to own another… well, you deserve to have an IQ of a fencepost.

Come on, ladies. I own you all with one hand tied behind my back! Can you not get a whole bunch more of you to take me on so that we can even up this fight a little bit in your favor? This is like shooting fish in a barrel! Amusing, but hardly challenging.

Sampson: Doug, how does Atheism suggest it’s “wrong” for one human to own another? Have you ever owned a pet? In Atheism, man has no more rights than any other animal.

Jeffrey: You wouldn’t know the truth if someone gave it to you to tie off with… You make that obvious by choosing to run from it into addiction.

Doug: Can’t you read, Sammy? The bible, I said. Try and read it sometime. And are you so stuck up your own butt that you seem to forget that you are an animal – an animal speaking to another animal, a dog – hell! A mere pup. You think you’re better than me, eh? Well, this world was a far better place for us dogs when you greedy, fucked up people came with your demented ideas about invisible men in the sky! Do you still believe in the god Thor? No? Oh – you fucking atheist piece of poop!

Your false god is a slave merchant and slave owner. And you the cowering-on-your-knees-facing-the-ground slave!

And Jeff – you know all about running away don’t you… from the truth, and the bullies who used to pick on you in school for being such a snotty little shit!

Doug: What?! Where’d all you sissy’s go? That the best you got? My god (The Luscious Lesbian Leprechaun) owns your feeble god any day! You’re not worthy to suck her big toe!

Chucky: Good Doug. Thanks for bringing people over your house so they can see too. Thats ussualy how street ministry works. The preacher preaches, God sends someone to mock him wich causes a crowd and then during it all some bystandard hears the gos…pel which leads them to salvation. Its like street preaching on face book. AMEN AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

Doug: Too late, Chucky. They’ve already been saved. We hang with the one true god – and she’s grooooovy! You deny her existence. You goddamned atheist!

Only weak minded scaredy cats like you bunch of wriggling worms stoop to the squalid position of making idle threats. We, on the other hand, are above such silliness! If you don’t believe in the Luscious Lesbian Leprechaun Goddess, she doesn’t really give a shit. She doesn’t blame you either, since you are too feeble-minded and spineless to crawl out from under that blinding rock you live beneath! She has nothing but pity for you.

Jeffrey: how many things are laying around half-way fixed Doug?

Doug: Jeff, you haven’t made much sense so far, but that is ridonkulous! Lay off the crystal-meth, man!

Carap: why dont you guys just stop talking to him…even Jesus chose not to go back to certain places or people because they rejected him, you have to hear believe and then recieve, he doesnt believe so move on, we’re told not to throw pearls before swine, the pearls are the gift of salvation, how precious it is like a pearl and if we throw before swine the pigs will just move it around in the mud and treat it horrible, just move on

Doug: Spoken like a true pig! The reason they keep comin’ back is because in a fight like this they are protected by anonymity and thousands of miles of ocean. Now, Miss Piggy, why don’t you just move on, take your snout out of our business, and lead by example?

Doug: Pigs and worms and maggots and asses. Bunch of clucking chickens!

Jeffrey: Doug… You know I’m talking sense. You know it very well. You know I have been “around”. I can tell you that I have been in the deepest darkest depths of addiction, and have been free for 9 years. You say there are no miracles, but I am one. You want to say I’m weak, but the others who partied with me are dead or in jail. Gotta run for awhile, but I’ll check back in. God is good, even to such as Doug. I know because there was a time….

Doug: You’re confusing your story for mine. And you seem to be confusing the word ‘miracle’ for the word ‘mackeral’! You must have a fish for a head. You’re not still alive because your fake god specially chose to save you and not the others… you just didn’t dare to do as much shit as they did! My gosh, the arrogance of you assholes is simply stunning no matter how many times I hear it. So what’s the bid deal? You swapped one addiction for another. Now you’re addicted to spewing bullshit from that book of hate you can’t seem to get enough of. So fucking what! That the best argument you got? Well, you’re in deeper trouble than you thought.

Sampson: In accordance with Proverbs 14:7 I won’t partake in this discussion any further. Doug is a testimony of just how depraved man is in the absence of God’s grace. Proverbs 16:4, “The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.”

Jeffrey: Again you plod along in your ignorance. You rail against the wind, kicking at you’re own conscience. You know you’re in darkness but your screams of let there be light avail you naught. The sad thing its the glob of cells you as an atheist relegate yourself to being deserves no better according your own tenents. You have the arrogance to denounce the Eternal God then call others arrogant. In essence, you’re false and it is apparent to all.

Doug: Talking to you guys is like going around in circles and my head is starting to spin. In accordance with the Lesbian Leprechaun’s rules, you shall not be judged for your evil insanity, just pitied. And to those (like Jeffrey) who talk to themselves, we should laugh and rejoice we are not alone and desperate. Oh, ye atheists of no faith – when will you ever learn? Now – enuff, bunch! Time to partay! If you want to do this again, you’d better get a crew of others who have real, fully formed ideas and an idea how to communicate them. Cheers!

Jeffrey: The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every one. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

I couldn’t care less what people think of me, but God… that’s a different matter entirely.


Doug: Yeah, according to your evil little book of scribblings. Everything, including you pussies, begin and conclude in the abundant womb of the fabulously fun and wonderfully creative LLL Goddess! You should not blaspheme against her and my religion.

There are laws you know!

;0) Gurrrrrrruuuffff!!!

(Chuck and his gang of god-warriors ‘unfriended’ Doug shortly after this conversation. While they continue trying to help gullible folks find Jebus… Doug is sailing in the Carribean with his gang of real friends, Captain of the ship he sails!)

© 2010 Wordwurst

Jeffrey: Doug, you again don’t know me, but that ok… you are too full of yourself. I don’t need to curse you, you do with your own mouth. You try to shock people but I’ve been berated by paid professionals. You just come up loud but inconsequential.

Bobby: It’s obvious Chuck, that if he didn’t want to hear the gospel, or hear the truth, he would be off doing other things. I think he wants salvation.

Doug: I do not want nor need to be saved. Shit – you’re dumber than a sack of dung. And your allusion to bondage only gives the game away. You dressed up and tied up right now, are ya, Chuck? Is Jon and Bob treating you like the unworthy piece of crap you are? Okay then… I’ll let you get back to it! Enjoy, kids, enjoy!

Bobby: You can fool yourself Doug, but you can’t fool God. You obviously want what we have.

Chucky: Doug, You are the one who is tied up in bondage and you don’t realize it. God commands you to repent and trust in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Doug: He must be omnipotent like you, Chuck, ‘cus no matter how much he commands, I just flip him the paw. Obviously, you caved to his commands.

Goodbye girls – off to snort some coke off a beautiful bitch’s naked ass, and then enjoy a night long orgy – a normal one, though, not the kind you girly-boys would be interested in. So, you pray for me, ‘kay? And, of course, I’ll think for you! Toodle-oooh! ;0)

Bobby: I think he bugged out.

Bobby: Will do Doug, and Remember, we love you and God loves you.

Chucky: You shouldn’t do that Doug. You should stay home and read your bible instead. For the 10th time. What would you give for your soul? A line of coke?

Jeffrey: Nah.. you sound like more the angry tweaker type. How long since you last slept. I’ll enjoy great sex with my wife and I won’t come home with any “Bonus Gifts”. Yes we will pray for you, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who was ever angry with God.

Chucky: Doug, You can snort all the coke in the world and sleep with every woman but your life will still be empty and meaningless. Unless you repent from your wickedness and trust in Christ your only purpose in life will be to glorify God on the day he pours his mighty wrath out you.

Stapp: whtf have u been getting into down there chuck!!!! i just read all these comments and im a little creeped out bro!!! haha

Doug: Was halfway down the road when I realised I forgot the box of sex toys these hot bitches go crazy for. Came back to get it and here you girly-boys still are, talking bat-shit crazy stuff to me even though I’m gone! I think that sums it up, don’t you? You may as well be talking into empty space for all the good you’re doing.

Bob, fuck you, I don’t want your love, okay. Give it to these bunch of repressed homosexicals, okay?

Jeff, the only great sex you’ll enjoy is when you jerk your two inch flaccid rodent dick to The Passion snuff movie for christian gays. Yeah, I know you’ll pray for me – that’s how outrageously stoooopid you are. I’ll think for you, kay?

And Chuckyboy – things between us were going along okay with you and me here for a while, but now that your group of fag hags have joined in struttin’ their junk, well… I just don’t know anymore. They’s all a bunch o’ angry-assed hate-mongering mind-raping sucker of satan’s and god’s and jebus’ and the spirit’s cocks! Tell ’em to keep dat kind o’ shit in church where it b’longs and you and I can get back to your deconversion, fair enuff?

Now, I must be off to float in the heavenly sea of pretty dog ass!

It’s been real! ;0)

Stapp: yeah i believe in god im catholic n shit but i don’t take it to that level!!!

Carap: dont throw your pearls before swine…

Jeffrey: read the above thread and it is very easy to see where the hate lies. Its refreshing to see the hate, Christ said it would and should be this way.

Doug: Chuck and the girls take it at every level, and take it in every orifice – don’t you Chucky-boy?

John, I used to be a Catholic myself… but, y’know, y’grow. I’m happy to hear that you haven’t become like these clowns, they give your god an even worse name than he already has. It’s people like them that made me what I am today. I guess, in a way, I should be thankful to them for that.

Thanks, girls – mmwwwhhaaah! ;0)

Cara – you solipsistic arsehole. They weren’t throwing their ‘pearls’ before you! And, if you confuse lumps of turd with pearls, you are dumber than an old fat sow!

You can all try to dress up your hate as much as you like – like lipstick on a pig – but you’re fooling nobody. Every right thinking person knows that you’re sad sack of shit of a make-believe god is a liar, fornicator, rapist (Yes – he raped Mary, didn’t he? I mean, come on, she was a good girl and she was with Joseph, and god, without even marrying her first, comes along and shags her senseless! What a perv!), murderer, encourager of paedophilia, incest, rape, torture, killing, stealing and overall general naughty shenanigans!

Do you really think you’re fooling anyone with this holier-than-thou – oooh! look at me I’m so self-righteous and gorgeous that god thinks I’m just fab and will do me a few favors for all my attempts at good PR! Freakazoids, the lot of you. But if you ever get over it, maybe we could be friends – no leashes attached, no threats of eternal damnation, ‘kay. You’ll be safe with me cuz I actually care about people, I don’t pretend to, like some. It is not your god, but me, who is man’s best friend.

Stapp: the only time u will see me in church is a wedding or a funeral or if im in jail i go just to get out of the unit!!! hahaha but thats it for me i just can’t get into it…

Doug: My master is a therapist, Jeff, and I’ve learned much while sitting at his feet when he works with clients. You saying that I’m the hater – it’s called projection. I’d suggest that you see a doctor, but I’d actually prefer that your head slowly caves in for the lack of brain matter to hold it up. And, you’re right about saying that it’s very easy to see where the hate lies. You mother’s are filled with it – it oozes from every sanctimonious pore of your swollen corpulent sluglike bodies. Invasion of the body-snatchers. Sorry, Jeffrey, but the aliens got you. Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault… :0)

Jeffrey: Do you still have your own teeth Doug, or has the meth-mouth set in yet? Picking at sores? Has your nose rotted out yet? Anyway… Have Fun you crazy guy you! You’re the one that said he was running off to do blow…

Doug: This canine has all his canines! How silly, Jeffrey – dogs don’t do meth. And that’s another thing – all you fuckers suffer a serious case of selective listening and a sad lack of a sense of humor! I said coke, not meth. The coke you’re doing must be very poor quality. I only do the best!

Sampson: Doug, you’re a testimony of who I could have been without the transforming Grace of God. Even an inconsistent, irrational atheist like yourself brings Glory to God. I just find it odd that you are calling us hateful, and yet you are the one launching all of the insults with no apparent intention of speaking as a mature adult dog.

I suspect the Holy Spirit is convicting you right now, drawing out an even more sinful and hate-filled response, but then again, that’s the natural response we sinners have to holiness – that is, until God chooses to remove our sinful hearts, and make us a new creature.

I’ll pray for you, Dog, that you don’t meet God’s wrath. It’s easy to breath out profanities against your Creator while there’s a breath in your lungs, but you too will cease to breath one day – no matter of arrogant boastful hatred will protect you from receiving Justice.

I don’t want that for you, and I’m sure Chuck doesn’t either. Repent, while you have time to do so.

Jeffrey: Now who’s a kidder… You’re anger is far more typical of a gak-fiend. Don’t be shy… we already know.

Doug: Good for you, John – you obviously still have a mind of your own. Which is a crime when it comes to these whining maggots and there mindless worship and following of an imaginary maniac. I wish you all the very best, John. It’s refreshing to speak to someone on here who is still sane. :0) Sampson – have you run out of ‘e’s?

Sampson: Owen, your comments here hardly demonstrate much sanity on your part. You just seem like a hate-filled sinner under conviction for his lifestyle.

Jeffrey: He’ll be back in a minute… he peeking out though the blinds.

Doug: Hey Sampson, if you have the time to do so, go fuck yourself. I am above you, not of you. You are mere mortal man. I am Dog!

Again, because you’re slow on the uptake, you scumbags just try to hide your disgusting filthy hatred behind platitudes and scripture while it is plain to see and hear that beneath the veneer you are a seething pit of evil vipers! There’s a saying you probably won’t understand: The meaning of your communication is in the response you get. Take a few days off to think about it, assuming you still have the ability to do so. Then, ask yourself, since this is the kind of response you get from enlightened humanitarians, what could the meaning of your communication about god and jebus and all that hocus-pocus fairy-tale nonsense mean?

And since it is a fairy-tale, does that mean you are a fairy? Nothing more disgusting than a fairy in denial judging a fairy who at least has enough balls to come out of the closet. Come on, Sam, it’s time. You can come out now. Stop repressing you’re latent nature. If Jebus were true, he was obviously a homosexual… so, if it’s good enough for him, is it not good enough for you?

I can look right into that black little heart of yours and see a flaming faggot just dying to burst forth and be free! It’s okay, Sammy baby, it’s okay. I won’t judge you like all those hypocritical party-poopers who call themselves christians but are nothing more than empty-headed charlatans. Don’t worry, it’ll get better! :0)

 Jeffrey: quick… check again… I’m sure I heard someone pull up…

Doug: That’s right, Jeff, let your mask down and show us all who you really are underneath your feeble pretence of piety… go on…

Sampson: Doug, you can’t present yourself as a voice of reason, or a loving alternative to Christianity when everything you post here is full of hatred and insults. Atheism is inherently irrational, perhaps that is what bothers you.

Doug: Oh, Sammy boy, the pipe, the pipe is calling! The only person trying to pretend he’s something he is not, is you – and the rest of your girly gang. You are an atheist, too. At least I’m not a scaredy-cat to admit it. Everything you post on here just shows that you have no idea what love or compassion is. Which is understandable – because the way you talk wouldn’t incline anyone in their right mind to show you love or compassion. You can go on pretending that the invisible mind-dildo loves you, if that makes you feel any better.

As for you, Flowery, maybe its time to lay off the jebus-juice. Paranoia seems to be annoyin’ ya. But remember, just ‘cuz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t out to get you. They are coming to take you away – ha-ha hee-hee ho-ho! To the funny farm. ;0)

Jeffrey: ‎”because the way you talk wouldn’t incline anyone in their right mind to show you love or compassion.” Doug… truer words have not been spoken.

Doug: Finally, we agree on something, eh? Who’d a thunk it?

Jeffrey: yes but I’m talking about you… 🙂

Doug: I know you think you are. But I also know how to read between the lines (subtext) and get who you’re really talking to. Its okay, your secret is safe with me. Now that you’re beginning to ‘fess up to the truth, you just might be okay some day. Miracles don’t happen, but people can change. Fingers crossed.


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